Bitcoin blackmailers send spam emails with threats

Governments and institutions in English-Speaking countries received emails in which the sender threatens a hidden bomb to make it explode if there is no bitcoins to be paid.

The American police office FBI claims that there are in several cities in the U.S. such threats are received. According to the antiterrorismebureau of the police of New York are the threats not credible.

CERT, the authority for the U.s. government large computer systems in the mind, speaks of a global campaign. The authority advises not to follow the message to respond and not to pay ransom.

The messages would be received with more governments, banks, media companies, libraries and schools in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. Several buildings are because of the threats cleared.

Transmitter requires $ 20,000 in bitcoins

The message is by several people on Twitter shared. In the e-mail is claimed that in the building where the receiver is located, a bomb is hidden.

The sender states that it is alerting the police or the vacating of the building explosion will lead. People who want to prevent the sender 20,000 in bitcoins pay.

The message is, most of the recipients in much the same. However, the bitcoinadressen for the ransom always different and is always of a different kind of bomb is spoken.


How secure is a Bitcoin really?

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