‘Bionic Woman’ star Lindsay Wagner takes on biblical drama in ‘Samson’

Lindsay Wagner in 1975.


When Lindsay Wagner was offered to become the mother of a biblical champion chosen by God, that they do not think twice about saying “yes.”

The actress, best known for playing Jaime Sommers in the popular science-fiction action series “The Bionic Woman,” stars as Zealphonis in the epic Christian drama, “Samson.” The film also has Jackson Rathbone of “Twilight” fame, Billy Zane, Rutger Hauer and James Taylor as the long-haired hero.


“I related to [my character] as a mother,” the 68-year-old told Fox News. “I have two sons, she has two sons. And her journey in this film is the kind of things that mothers go through in terms of the upbringing of children. You can’t always as a mother, no matter how old your children are. And Samson’s mother was sure worried about her son… One of the things was just a mother and relating to her inner journey.”

And while some fans may be surprised to see Wagner appears in a faith-based film, the choice was, of course, for the stars. Wagner found that not only did they grow up in a Christian household, but in 1968, they relied on the guidance of her minister to help her deal with a big health battle.

“I had ulcers when I was a child,” she explained. “When I was 19, it was very bad. The doctors at UCLA wanted to work with. They have other ways of treating these days, but they never came back. And my gall bladder is a mess. My minister… was very much in mind, body, and spirit connection.

“He had a good friend who was a doctor… He also thought the same way. She told me that she can help me avoid this surgery… She began to teach me about mediations… and visualizations to see that my stomach is completely healed and ask God to bring healing and to manifest in this vision I am seeing in my stomach, in contrast to the emphasis on what is wrong with it now.”

Actress Lindsay Wagner with her sons.

(With thanks to Lindsay Wagner)

Wagner said her doctor and minister, educated her on how the mind and the spirit work together for good health, as well as the way her body reacted physically when things are wrong in her life. Wagner claimed that in three weeks she was healed.

“Never had any problems with it after that,” she claimed. “But what I really learned was about myself and how I think. I saw things differently. I saw myself differently… I really have the feeling that my prayer was answered, for my body to heal.

“I’m just getting started with the study of different cultures, because meditation in the ’60s at that time it was really coming from the East. My Christian minister did it himself… I’ve never felt like I had my relationship with Christ… I have a feeling that my faith was strengthened by those experiences. And I do it my whole life.”

With Wagner feeling refreshed and confident, she was able to pursue and acting. And in 1975, Wagner took on the role of a lifetime when she was asked to play Jaime Sommers in “The Six Million Dollar Man.” However, the chance is only intended to be a short report, for Wagner.

“They were only doing a two-part special on “The Six Million Dollar Man’ and, ironically, I was not so in sci-fi,” she told him. “I read the script… And I just kept saying to myself,” What is it with these people jumping from buildings?'”

Hesitant to take on the supernatural character, Wagner asked her mother for a second opinion.

“My mother said,” Well, you have to do it, because it is your sister’s favorite show!'” called Wagner. “… I looked in the covering letter which is included with the script. And the start date was the birthday of my sister. So I had to do it!”

Actress Lindsay Wagner today.

(With thanks to Lindsay Wagner)

However, Wagner’s character would die in the two-part special. It took legions of fans to bring Sommers back to life.

“The broadcast and the audience went berserk when they killed off the bionic woman,” she said. “They wrote in. Mothers say how awful it was that they made the female counterpart only to kill her off. Even a few of the children in the hospitals wrote in… So the second two-parter came about… so that the children know that they are OK.

“And that was the end. Well, the response was so great from the audience to this character, that they eventually reach a series of… It was really the question of the audience and I’m still grateful for the viewers for my career.”

“The Bionic Woman,” which tells the story of the first female cyborg and her many spy missions, broadcast from 1976 to 1978. And Wagner made sure that they consulted on all scripts to make sure Sommers would not turn into a sex symbol, or that the show would not have violence.

Actress Lindsay Wagner filming a scene with Rutger Hauer for the biblical drama, “Samson.”

(2018 Samson Film Productions LLC)

“It was very important for me,” she said. “It was actually in my contract for me to have consultation rights…. And I had a great team… They were very excited to create something new and unique. We worked together very nicely.”

When “The Bionic Woman” came to an end, Wagner stayed busy in more TV shows and movies. Today, she is still devoted to her spiritual studies and is the author of several books on Eastern and Western philosophy. She also leads workshops and retreats to assist in the letting go of negative emotions for a happier, more creative life.

“I’m blessed,” said Wagner. “I have really wonderful children and they are doing fine. And for me, I think that this story of ‘Samson’ is a journey that we all go through, regardless of what our faith is.”

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