Biographer, Jan Wolkers, reveals deleted, the erotic part of Turkish delight

He spoke no Italian, and the biographer of the writer Jan Wolkers, it has a deleted or an erotic passage out of the book, Turkish delight is revealed. In the passage you can read how the main character has sex with a pregnant Indonesian girl-friend, who, soon after the sexual act gives birth to a daughter, reports the Volkskrant on Wednesday.

“If I were a chest was, and I pressed the tip of the milk in my face, and when I put in the recovery position to her moving belly – what is that white gooey stuff out of her nipples. Sometimes, I took it in my mouth and sucked it, because it is a damn good paint job when you are buying. And vice-versa”, is it in the deleted passage from the book of the in the 2007 death of Stories to read.

Bloom doesn’t know why the Stories, the passage is free. As the biographer of the passage, was the author of the Turkish delight already at the age of 81 has died.

Turkish delight ” came out in november of 1969. Stories’ editor was shocked by the opening of the book, where the author writes about nude photos and a masturbation. “This is so hard for people. If you can leave out, we will sell 100,000 copies, more of that”, and publisher Willem Bloemena have to say about the manuscript. “Over my dead body. Not a word is out,” was the answer of the Stories.

Turkish delight was used in more than twenty languages, and has been in the Netherlands, in its 57th printing. The director, Paul Verhoeven filmed the book in 1972. Monique van de Ven, Rutger Hauer played the main roles in the story of the love affair between the sculptor, Erik, and the love of his life Olga.


Trailer: Turkish Delight

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