Billionaire game: Why it is painful for rich candidates, and just rich

in the vicinity ofthe video Howard Kurtz: Howard Schultz, Mike Bloomberg, and the politics of wealth

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on how billionaires such as Howard Schultz, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates play a larger role in contemporary politics.

It is not a good time to be a billionaire, right?

The liberals want to tax the hell out of them.

Some critics say they should not be allowed to exist.

One is off of them to a stumbling start for a possible run for President.

Another play is hamlet about a possible run for President.

And the can have a in the White house, repel, and demands for his tax returns, as Democrats hunt for conflicts of interest in how he accumulated his billions.

So the advantage of the B-word status that they have and cost a lot of money. The disadvantage is that the culture-seem to be winds that move against the.

CNN granted to Howard Schultz, a town hall, even if he’s indecisive, an independent candidacy in 2020. And he taught his rich-guy status by saying:

“The headline here is: should I have to pay more taxes. And the people who make this type of revenue, and the means should pay higher taxes.”

But how much more? Schultz Poppy Harlow said he has a number that makes him vague. But far worse is the fact that he could not say whether he will sell his $2 billion stake in Starbucks was when he was President. “I think we are always in such a rush,” Schultz said, adding that he would, to avoid conflicts, etc.

No political advisers should have let him on the town hall stage, without a response to obvious that the billionaire on the question.


Schultz has rejected the proposal of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other freshman Democrats for a 70 percent tax rate on income over $10 million, part of its Green New Deal Fund.

Schultz dismissed as “punitive” and the AOC hit back on Twitter:

“Remember that your plan=no plan. Why? As for billionaires, the things are already in order.”

Politico reported that Michael Bloomberg is ready to spend a minimum of 500 million US to oust the Dollar of his assets, the President of trump from the White house. But also the former mayor of New York, who is still on the run, leaving two options.

Plan A is to boost that he’s trying to win the democratic nomination; Plan B, he spends the money in a kind of shadow campaign, the possible candidates.

I still run doubt Bloomberg, but who knows?

Another famous billionaire (who is not running for President) says he pays too little in taxes.

Bill Gates told the Mail: “I deserve my happiness. No one does. It is to come, by timing, luck, and the people I worked with. I’ve worked anyway hard, and I think the software has been a positive thing, but I benefited from a structure.”

So even though he has paid more than $10 billion in taxes, said Gates, to leave the plans of nearly all of his assets to the Foundation he runs with his wife, “I got paid more … I think things should be more progressive.”

There was a time when the super-wealthy were welcome in politics. Men like Jack Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller were thought to be as much family wealth, that they focus on the common good.

Trump is not used to brag in order to ask money to his campaign, since he is the Finance itself, although by the fall he was to benefit from outside Fundraising. But his wealth was also touted as evidence of his business acumen.


Maybe Trump, whose name is displayed, click properties on the whole world, has the ideas for the game. But it is also a product of higher concentrations of wealth in our society and the drift to the left of the Democratic party.

If even some of the billionaires say you have to have a lot of money, it is clear that the ground is shifting.

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