Bill Gates, former science adviser to ‘shocked’ to be named a backup executor of the Epstein will be

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As a former science adviser to Bill Gates, said on Tuesday that he was “shocked” to learn the Jeffrey Epstein had named him as a back-up executor of a $578 million, according to a new report.

Boris Nikolic, a 49-year-old, a biotech venture capital company, and was listed as one of the three executives of Epstein’s will, which was filed on Monday in California. Thomas in the U.S. virgin islands, where Epstein owns two of the islands are Small, Approx. James the Great, St. James. Nikolic was a former science adviser to the Gates, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist.


“I was not consulted in these matters, and I do not have the intention to meet these obligations, then it, too,” Nikolic said in a statement issued to the international monetary Fund.

“I was not consulted in these matters, and I do not intend to comply with these duties then, as well.”

— Boris Nikolic, a former science adviser to Bill Gates

Epstein reportedly signed a will two days before he died, at the age of 66 after being found hanging in his Manhattan jail cell in Aug. 10. The New York City medical examiner’s office ruled his death a suicide, but his lawyers vowed to continue to investigate, as they suspect foul play.

By signing this document, Epstein effectively transferred $578 million of assets in 1953, in Trust, named in honour of the year of the disgraced financier, was born. The names of the board of directors have not been disclosed to the public, The Daily Beast reported. Epstein will be the name of his brother, Mark Epstein, as the only family member who would be able to offer a number of financial claims to the trust assets.

Epstein’s long-time attorneys, Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn, were named as primary executors of the last will and testament. They are, in order to receive the $250,000 from Epstein’s $ 577 million in assets, as well as compensation for all their efforts in curating and the like.

Epstein: the name Nikolic, as the successor of the executor, or the backup operator, it should Indyke, and Kahn is not in a position to carry out their duties. The amount of Nikolic and Epstein’s relationship was not clear.

Nikolic is a very qualified who have completed a post-doctorate at Harvard university and is currently working with the for-profit venture, the company Biomatics-in Capital. An anonymous source told Bloomberg that Nikolic received financial advice from Epstein, in the run-up to the initial public offering of a gene-editing company Editas Medicine, Inc.


Nikolic, along with several other of Epstein’s associates, is said to have distanced himself from Epstein after the convicted sex offender was arrested in July and arraigned on human trafficking charges.

As a wealthy philanthropist, Epstein met with a large social circle of high profile friends, celebrities, and politicians have, over the years, including former u.s. President Bill Clinton and President of the Trump. As a sales representative for Bill Gates, confirmed to the New York Post, is that Epstein does not provide any services for Gates, or his foundation.

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