Bill de Blasio, is pitching a $10B climate change plan, which is blamed for global warming for hurricane Sandy

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In a video mayor Bill de Blasio posted on social media on Monday, New York City re-direct the blame to climate change for 2012 deady Superstorm Sandy — is an assertion without scientific support – and announced to spend plan $to strengthen $ 10 billion and to protect “Lower Manhattan” against future storms.

Even as local leaders warned that to build de Blasio’s plan, new boundaries to destroy the waterfront neighbor, he says, he wants to protect, de Blasio insisted that his views were now Yorkers mainstream the New.

“After Sandy, there were not many climate skeptics of the left in New York City,” de Blasio said directly into the camera, after she reminded the audience that the storm left dozens dead and cost the city billions in economic losses. “We need to protect this city and this country and this world from global warming. There is no national policy to do now. … We have to do it myself.”

Mayor de Blasio added, in the video, published, the said on Facebook and Twitter, that the Federal government needs to act quickly: “We must fight for the bigger changes, such as the Green New Deal,” de Blasio.

The mayor claimed that studies which found of his office and the other is that, if the city does not prepare for climate change, rising seas 20 percent of the lower Manhattan daily flooding by 2100.

However, past predictions about the effects of global warming have been proven to be inaccurate at best. For example, the United Nations, the scientists predicted that the world only 10 years to climate change all the way back in the year 1989, in order to protect the refugees from all the cities before destruction, and a resulting flood of eco-friendly. A NASA scientist said wrongly before, the same thing in 2006.

FILE – In this Aug. 28, 2011 file photo, a cyclist makes his way past a stranded taxi on a flooded New York City street as Tropical storm Irene passes through the city. (AP Photo/Peter Morgan, file)

In contrast to de Blasio’s claims that no study has defintively connection. the existence or the power of Superstorm Sandy to human-induced climate change, or the claim that such a link can be established definitively, to all Some disputed studies have, however, the storm struck may become more intense, to a certain degree as a result of the warming of the ocean temperatures.

“We propose to consider that it is more than useful in the extreme circulation regimes or weather-affected event as largely unaffected by climate change and the question of whether the known changes in the climate system is of the thermo-dynamic state, the impact of the respective event,” said a paper produced by researchers at the National center for Atmospheric research.


The researchers added: “Some of the examples had short, include ‘snow maggedon” in February 2010, and Superstorm Sandy in October 2012 and super Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, and, more precisely, of the Boulder floods of September 2013, all of which were characterized by high sea surface temperatures, with a discernible human component.”

The Green New Deal supported by de Blasio has not attracted universal support, travel, even under the Democrats, after the dissolution of the botched rollout in the Congress this year, the publication of an official document from New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez office, which promised economic security for those who “work-shy”, as well as the elimination of the “farting cows” and the flight.

“We have to fight for larger changes, such as the Green New Deal.”

— New York City mayor Bill de Blasio

The democratic mayor announced on Thursday for the first time, to fulfill his plan, the “existential threat” of climate change, in particular through the extension of a section of the lower Manhattan coast as much as 500 meters into the East River. He said, to protect the 10-billion-Dollar-effort lower Manhattan from flooding in through the extension of the shore line between the Brooklyn Bridge and the battery will be partially funded by private development, if Federal funds are available.


“If there is Federal money in the game, so it looks a possibility,” de Blasio said last week. “If it’s not Federal money in the game, we have to have some of your own money into it and it has a development.”

The officials have been developing regulations to strengthen New York city on the water since Superstorm Sandy, thousands of homes and businesses destroyed in the year 2012.

De Blasio said it will cost about $encourage $ 500 million, most of lower Manhattan from future impacts of climate change such as sea level rise and intense rainfall, with grassy embankments and removable barriers.

But the planners determined that the protection of the lowest-lying areas, including the South Street Seaport and the financial district, you need more land over several years.

FILE – In this October. 19, 2017 file photo, a boat crosses the port of New York in front of the skyline of Manhattan. Mayor Bill de Blasio by announcing a plan to protect lower Manhattan from rising sea levels, with earthen embankments and extension of its coastal line of as much as 500 meters. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

De Blasio, who is considering joining the crowded field of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, said the 10-billion-Dollar landfill project should be supported by Federal funds, but this is rather unlikely in the administration of Republican President Donald Trump.

“Lower Manhattan is one of the most important centers of the American economy,” he said. “It is where the financial capital of the United States. The safety of lower Manhattan should be a national priority. The fact is, it is not. And it is incomprehensible to me that there is no sense of urgency from the Federal government.”

He added, “We can’t afford to bury you head in the sand and this is now what our government is doing.”

The plan for the extension of the coast line is said by the city’s environmental review process, de Blasio, but he hopes to avoid “the endless drag that usually accompanies something of this magnitude.”


But the views from the private development on the newly built land is sure to be resistance from downtown Manhattan community members.

City Council Margaret Chin, representing who’s in the area, said not to be paid for a more stable future “of private real estate development that would destroy the waterfront neighborhoods, which we are trying to protect.”

De Blasio announced the climate-resilience plan at a press conference after the preview in New York magazine .

“This is said as an existential threat,” de Blasio. “This is the Central question we must all, as aggressive as possible.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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