Bill Clinton ‘offended’ about the criticism of his Asphalt meeting with ex-AG Lynch

Former President Bill Clinton (right) was “offended” by the widespread criticism of its June 2016 Asphalt with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch (left)


Former President Bill Clinton was “offended” by the widespread criticism of its June 2016 Asphalt meeting with the then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, days before the FBI decided it would not recommend criminal charges against his wife, he said, the justice Department inspector General.

“I thought, you know, I don’t know if I insulted me more, that you think I’m crooked or that you think I’m stupid,” Clinton said to the investigators, the report released on Thursday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

The long-awaited report Thursday afternoon, was released, almost 600 pages and looked at the actions of the numerous characters that played an important role in the Ministry of justice and the FBI in the investigation. It is the product of an 18-month report, with the involvement of dozens of witness interviews and hundreds of thousands of documents.


In the report, Horowitz, Lynch criticized Asphalt infamous meeting with Clinton on the Arizona, calling it “an error in judgment,” as the Ministry of justice, the investigation was then-democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her E-Mail practices during his time as secretary of state.

“Although we found no evidence that Lynch and former President Clinton discussed in [Clinton email] commissioned investigations or in other inappropriate discussion during your Asphalt meeting, we have also found that Lynch’ s error, the appearance, the problem, created by former President Clinton ‘ s meeting attendance and actions that cut the visit short is an error in judgment,” the report said.


Three takeaways from the IG report

Lynch claimed that she and Clinton spoke of only “harmless things,” while the Asphalt meet, calling it a “chance encounter.”

But it is the Republicans complaints is not heating, that Lynch had met with the husband of an investigation subject to the right, just a few days before the probe is lodged in your personal E-Mail server was completed with no fees.

Ex-FBI Director James Comey has publicly issue taken with the meeting, saying it was a “decisive factor” in his decision to act alone, to update the public on the state of the Clinton probe.

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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