‘Bilinguals can combine tasks at a later age easier’

‘Bilinguals can combine tasks at a later age easier’

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People who are a huge part of their lives are bilingual, have at a later age less effort with the combine of different tasks.

Scientists from the university of Montreal tested older participants to perform different types of tasks. While performing these tasks, their brain activity was measured with scans.

In Journal of Neurolinguistics describe to researchers how they elderly people who are bilingual and elderly people that one language spoke different tasks were run. The scans showed that bilingual elderly people, a smaller part of their brain used for two tasks at the same time, elderly people that one language spoke.

“Bilinguals have to for years to switch and have to constantly determine what information is essential in order to understand and what information is not,” said lead researcher dr. Ansaldo.

Ansaldo: “We have found that speaking multiple languages is a concrete impact on the brain functions and that can have a positive effect on the memory. Now we need to examine how these features can translate to everyday life.”

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