Big-time game: If all queries on Donald Trump as a fake dismissed

A Fox News poll came out of the night, and I tweeted some of the findings about President Trump.

No analysis, no comment. Only a few numbers.

“Trump approval at 40%, to 45% in the last month. 53% say his agenda is falling apart; 44% say he is shaken up Washington.”

And: “68% approve of the DOJ appointment of a special counsel, 29% lean.”

Well, you would have thought I had called the President’s impeachment.

I practically buried under an avalanche of angry tweets.

Most of them are not . You attacked only me, Fox, and polling in General:

“The way Fox is headed. This survey is wrong. I speak with people from all parts of the United States everyday. Trump is still on top. No one is unhappy. It’s cool.”

“BS polls again. To manipulate the try population.”

“You just don’t get it.. We believe all the b. s. polls, do you believe the media types hail don ‘T care don’ T move you.”

“Who the hell are you poll???”

“100% of me Fox, the entry in the MSM thinks. Fake news”.

“Your polls are a bunch of crap. Never queried us.”

“No one CARES abt the stupid polls-they were the wrong choice to call – the case is closed!”

“Stick it up your liberal [blank], Howie!”

You have to love social media.

Now, far be it to defend me to all the polls. Sometimes they are faulty, or simply wrong. And the media are too dependent on them.

One could also argue that Trump has consistently negative reporting in the media, especially about Russia investigation, and that is depressing his numbers.

But the flood of Trump Fans had not much to do.

It was just over the dismissal of news organizations, including Fox, and their polling as a mere fiction.

Many are so convinced that the media-establishment, it is Trump that you don’t want to hear contrary information. They out vote you.

I know this because of the comments I get, if I analyze everything from, say, the New York Times or Washington Post, even if the stories turn out to be true. And Fox News is not immune to these complaints.

The Fox survey, which polled more than 1,000 people with a 3-point margin of error, hardly an outlier. In the last two days, Gallup Trump’s job approval at 39 percent, Quinnipiac at 37, Ecoomist at 40 and Reuters at 37. The exception is Rasmussen, trump at 48 percent.

The everyone-I-talk-an argument that betrays a lack of understanding of how scientific polling works.

For the record, the last Fox poll prior to the election day, Hillary Clinton gave a 4-point lead, over the top of your margin, but you have to remember that she won the popular vote. Trump is the President, because he won key electoral Committee battlefields.

The worrying thing is that we no longer agree on a common set of facts. The conservatives and liberals are increasingly turning in their own silos, their own opinionated media sources, and create your Facebook and Twitter feeds in the same way.

If fake news is, then, the role of the news, is decimated in the promotion of intelligent debate.

And I don’t need a survey to be sure.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of five books and has its headquarters in Washington. You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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