Big fire in the famous Parisian cathedral Notre-Dame

There is raging Monday evening around 19.00 hrs a big fire in the famous Parisian cathedral Notre-Dame. Around 21.45 hrs showed the Paris fire brigade don’t know for sure whether the building still to save.

Firefighters on aerial work platforms are doing all hours of frantic attempts to extinguish the fire. Fire-fighting planes are, according to the fire department is not an option, because the weight of the water falling down the structure of the cathedral can continue to collapse.

The problems occur mainly in the left hand one is supposed. Therein rages still fire. Should the tower collapse, then the probability of irreparable damage is great.

The smoke came in the first instance, from the nave of the cathedral, after which the flames rapidly spread. With bulderend roar crashed around 20.00 hours part of the roof in which the structure consisted of wooden beams. Around that time also came the spire of the Notre-Dame cathedral down.

Soon after the fire broke out was a rescue rope to the works of art in the cathedral to save. Many works of art and famous relics could be saved. Also the treasure of the cathedral is still intact.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but to the middle tower would not work. The French authorities have launched an investigation to find out what the fire has caused.


Fire try fire in the bell tower of Notre-Dame to extinguish

One firefighter seriously injured

A firefighter was seriously injured. It is unknown whether there are people in the cathedral were present when the fire broke out. On the website of the Notre-Dame cathedral is between 18.15 hrs and 19.00 hrs, a mass would take place in the church.

The conflagration attracts a lot of attention and people in Paris share it on social media, massively, images of the burning monument.

The French president Emmanuel Macron has his planned speech about the ‘Yellow Vests’ Monday night cancelled and went on our way to Paris. Halfway through the evening he arrived.

Firefighters on aerial work platforms do frantic efforts to extinguish the fire. (Photo: Getty).

Great tourist attraction

The cathedral stands on the Île de la Cité in the river Seine in the centre of Paris. The building is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the French capital and since 1991, also a world Heritage site.

The first stone of the cathedral was in 1163, laid in the presence of pope Alexander III. Almost two hundred years later, in 1345, was the construction completed. Architect of the Notre-Dame cathedral Maurice de Sully, then bishop of Paris.

The cathedral was completed in 1845 a major restoration, which is 23 years.

The flames rise from the roof of the famous cathedral. (Photo: AFP).

Characteristic stained glass windows and towers

The 130-metre-long church consists of five so-called ships and is built in early gothic style. The Notre-Dame cathedral is among other things famous for the stained-glass windows and the two characteristic towers, which are both 90 feet tall and the exterior shapes of the iconic structure.

The very special organ in the church consists of a whopping seven thousand pipes, and is at the end of last century and completely renovated.


Spire of Notre-Dame collapses by devastating fire

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Famous by the Hunchback of Notre-Dame

In 1804 crowned Napoleon Bonaparte himself emperor in the Notre-Dame cathedral and also there are a lot of presidents, writers, and soldiers buried. The church houses some relics, that of Jesus Christ: the crown of thorns, a piece from the cross and nails that would have been used at the crucifixion.

The cathedral has also received much fame through the book of Victor Hugo: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. There are also real clocks, which are each hundreds of pounds of roads.

The Notre-Dame cathedral is a church of the Roman Catholics. The archbishop of Paris has his domicile. Also, there are national celebrations. The access is free. Millions of people spend every year a visit to the cathedral.

This aerial view makes it clear how disastrous the situation is. (Photo: AFP)

Around 21: 00 beat the flames still through the roof. ()

The time that the spire of the Notre-Dame collapses. (Photo: AFP).

A macabre image of the brand in the iconic cathedral. (Photo: ProShots)

The fire is from near and far to see in Paris and attracts lot of attention. ().

Within the shortest of times was the roof, which largely consisted of wooden beams ablaze. ( Voorend)

The first puffs when the fire at around 19: 00 broke out. (Photo: Freeze).

Archive photo of the facade, and the always busy forecourt of Notre-Dame, made in december last year. (Photo: ProShots)

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