Biersommelier tell you, it is best to have a herfstbock-can-eat

It can’t be long now before the summer witbiertjes in the bars, and the grocery store is to be replaced by a top herfstbock: on October 1, the start of the bockbierseizoen. International biersommelier Andreas Bergström tells the story of how you, as a herfstbock with food to match.

“Bock beer sets itself apart from the pilsner, the use of multiple and different types of malt. This results, during the brewing process, other sugars, and, therefore, the beer is more your taste. In addition to the barley malt in a bock beer-roasted, giving the beer a light taste of caramel plus dark the color gets, and can sometimes even be a little moutbittertje,” explains Bergström from it. In addition to the international biersommelier, he is a chef, and he has written five books on cooking over a beer.

In fact, a herfstbock throughout the year are being brewed? “That’s right,” says Bergström. “A herfstbock, however, as we used to call it ‘verwarmender than, for example, a pilsner or an IPA. And to think that people are nice in the fall. In the spring and in the summer I’ll prefer a beer that is lighter in color and flavor.”

“Dubbelbock taste is stronger and you drink it in small sips.”
Andreas Bergström, international biersommelier

There are a few ‘requirements’ to be a bock beer, except the beer in a stamwortgehalte, at least to 15.5 degrees Plato should have been. This is stamwortgehalte will give the specific gravity of the wort, and it says something about the gravity of the beer. By way of comparison: a pilsner beer has a content of between 11.5 and 12 degrees Plato, but there are also some heavier beers, which will start with a 20 degree Plato.

A herfstbock and has an alcohol content of about 6.5; and a pilsner to about 5. There is also a bock that is higher, between 8 and 8.5 per cent. “Well, that is, a so-called dubbelbock,” says Bergström. “Dubbelbock taste is stronger and you drink it in small sips.”

Strong cheese, combines very well with a herfstbock. (Image: 123RF)

A hearty meal with mushrooms or grilled red meats

A herfstbock blends very well with the mushrooms, according to Bergström. “The mushrooms have a little bit of a faint taste, with a gedroogdhoutsmaak. They also provide some umami, a flavor enhancer that is in the broth it seems. Because of this, you can really taste the other flavors are better.”

A hearty meal with a paddenstoelenroomsaus, for example, or potatoes, meat and vegetables, with some fried mushrooms and tomatoes, is a tasty combination with a bock beer. Bergström itself will be herfstbock much like a pie, with home-made paddenstoelenragout.

What is roasted, it combines very well with the bock. “Barbecued meats, such as pork, beef, or chicken seasoned with curry powder and chili powder, which are simple, but combine it with a tasting Dutch bock beer’.”

A herfstbock works well with:

  • Mushrooms
  • Charcoal-grilled meat
  • A strong cheese, such as roodkorstkaas and cheese
  • Smoked mackerel (with lots of pepper)

At a get-together with cheese and mackerel

The drink does have a roodkorstkaas as a block, or on a cracker – if there’s bock beer on the menu. “Also the Gouda is certainly an option, and is slightly more accessible, but then I would have to have a well-established, older cheese, to go. It has the just like beer with a strong flavour,” says Bergström.

Finally, the smoked mackerel, which combines very well with the bock. “With the dubbelbock” says Bergström. Because of the variety of dubbelbock more intense flavor, it is good to eat at the same time, the more intense it is. Thus, the combination of an oily mackerel with peppers is really good.

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