Bie Luyssaert and Jasmijn Verlinden about their love for Belgian fashion and design

Bie Luyssaert, communication manager, Design Flanders, and Jasmijn Verlinden, communication manager Flanders Fashion Institute, diving for us in their wardrobe and interior. I Buy Belgian? These two ladies have a penchant for Belgian design.

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What did you do with Belgian fashion and/or design? Where is the love? There Is someone concrete that you this has passed?


I know many designers personally, and that gives their clothes an extra dimension.

Jasmine: My mom was always very important that our clothes are of good quality. I did so as a teenager, never a kledingbudget had, mama always went along shopping, to ensure that I don’t have twenty tops bought in place of a proper winter coat. Then I found that sometimes annoying, but now I try myself also blijvertjes to buy. Really aware Belgian, I start shopping when I FFI began working. I know many designers personally, and that gives their clothes an extra dimension.

Bie: For fashion began the interest with the campaigns in the eighties around Mode. This is Belgian. I devoured every spring and autumn the modenummer of Knack Weekend and followed what the designers made, even though the dress code is quite far from what I, as a teenager, wore. I had as a teenager, a very fine outfit of Donaldson which I very proud of. A moment later, I saw the skirt that Marina Yee had designed for Lena Lena. A white skirt with blue penstrepen. I was sold, but my studentenbudget did not really matter. A soldenstuk occasionally, when I worked I could use it more often. My world collapsed a little bit in each other when Lena Lena it stopped, in the meantime, I have boutiques found where I enjoy the binnenspring.

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My love for design started during my college years. I regularly visited the museums in Ghent, also the Design museum in Ghent. I found the exhibition On Man and the Measure, the 2nd triennial for design, a real eye opener. Objects that I knew, and used bleaching designed and developed in Belgium. A few years later I was at Design Flanders recruited to Klara De Smet, the curator of Man and the Measure to replace. I am only more intrigued hit by Belgian design.

How to describe your clothing or interior style? For which you fall concrete in clothes or furniture?

Jasmine: I love, both in my wardrobe and in my interior, balanced shapes and lines, combined with eye-catching pieces. I often hear from visitors that it is fun rondsnuisteren is in our home, in my wardrobe is that way.

Bie: Comfortable with individual keys. In our living room is a large white bookcase filled with colorful books and objects. In my wardrobe that dresses combined with fine jewelry (earrings or necklaces), often with a touch of poetry or humor.

Why grab you again and again to brands of their own soil?

Jasmine: I can be difficult to stimulate the Belgian to buy and don’t. So it is a bit of a sport, thanks to the #ikkoopbelgisch campaign to purely Belgian shopping. That I am nice, just the perfect jeans, I have not yet found. Nothing beats my Levi’s! (laughs)

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Bie: For my dresses because the fit me often is. I like to wear pants Xandres Xline or doilies of WAX. The substances are usually also very easy to clean, neatly hanging on a hanger is often sufficient. I’m not a big ironer. For my trouwkleed I found Belgian buy a necessity. I also really wanted something that my body had been carved and found that Janssens Tailoring.

Further, the story is also important. In Belgian furniture, accessories, publications, clothes,… I know, often the designer behind the piece, the story that he or she wants,… I love stories that I like with everyone, whether on the scale of Serax is which they eat, the tailor-made costume of my husband at Café Costume or shoes of Toni Taloni.


For my trouwkleed I found Belgian buy a necessity.

Share your area that love? Shopping they are also avid Belgian or just not at all?

Jasmine: My family and friends are not really in fashion but I notice that my endless plea for #ikkoopbelgisch yet bearing fruit. So I have one of my best friends infected with my love for Studio Content shoes. We have this winter even exactly the same pair, she wears them now in Australia, I have to wait.

Bie: I love to share fine addresses and tips, as I would also love to get. But avid Belgian shopping is not a prerequisite for friendship.

You have a nice anecdote about a Belgian garment or designer item?

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Jasmine: A long time ago I went with a colleague to an event around Belgian fashion in Ghent. I was simply a busy week, and there was no sense in it. Won me over: I just had the verenjas of Caroline Bosmans purchased and could for the first time. During the event proved to be the jacket a fantastic gespreksopener with very nice conversations result!

Bie: If in the summer we go on a trip, we not only have our pillows, our towel blankets of Francine Van der Biest. It is a kind of bedspread from soft handdoekenstof where you in the summer with sleep. Cool and refreshing in the heat, just enough to warm if it gets chilly.

What are your absolute favorite brands?

Jasmine: For myself are that A. F. Vandevorst, Workshop Content, Caroline Bosmans and Mrs. Franks. For my son of almost two shop I almost only JBC, especially the Rainbow City Warrior and Zulupapuwa collections save I massive.

Bie: Serax. Hilde Van Belleghem. Wax. Xandres X-line. Demeyere. Françoise Pendville. Y-dress. Anne Zellien. Marie Jo. Woody and Fred & Ginger for the son. Verilin.

Where shop you have these?

Jasmine: I shop regularly in the sales or stockverkopen. I also think it’s always nice to have on webshops with (almost) only Belgian brands, such as les belges or Elected nose around.

Bie: I think in a lot of shops in the city for my liking. For clothing is that often Toko and Seraphine. I bought it used a smaller piece after an exhibition with us in the Design Flanders Gallery.

Have you fixed brands where you are true to continue or follow you are also strong new brands?

Jasmine: I have my favorites, so I of Workshop Content, a pair of shoes from each collection so far, but purchase as much new brands. Over the past months, I have been our database of Belgian brands updated for and that was not good for my balance!

Bie: I swear by Marie Jo and Prima Donna. Wax for doilies, Xandres X-line for coats. And I love to be surprised.

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If your house is on fire and you if 1 Belgian item to save, what would it be?

Jasmine: That famous verenjas of Caroline Bosmans and a custom made long dress of Mrs. Franks.

Bie: Husband and son. Both very Belgian. And my wedding dress from Janssens Tailoring. My rings of An Alleweireldt and Silke Fleischer, then hopefully to my hand, then I have that automatically. And my towel blankets of Francine Van der Biest, because they are no longer made.

What (iconic) Belgian piece is still missing in your wardrobe or house?

Jasmine: Cathy Pill years ago, a collection of signed for Kipling . I still regret that when I did the variant with fuchsia splashes not bought. In my interior would be a lot of Muller Van Severen, preferably on the boards, not out of place.

Bie: The .03 chair of Maarten Van Severen for Vitra; the Picnic by Xavier Lust and Dirk Wynants for Extremis; a handbag from Michael Verheyden, never bought when he made and now regret much. And a Theobril. Unfortunately I don’t have to need glasses and with ruitenglas I find it again what about.

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