Biden wins the larger debate over party direction

in the vicinityVideoJoe Biden takes hits from other 2020 of Democratic hopefuls in the third debate

The only candidate who decided not to the questions of reporters after the third democratic debate was Joe Biden; Peter Doocy reports from Houston, Texas.

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On the roster: Biden the larger debate over party direction – poll wins Bernie bounce shows in New Hampshire – McCarthy says that the debt reduction is a top target for the house GOP – court says will have to answer to Trump, to call for action, corruption – It’s a long way to the top if you want to block a road

Finally, a real democratic debate.

After two rounds of the two-night-bean-bag-competitions, we have some of the difficult questions the sharp distinctions and a real sense of what the looks of this breed.

Much of the credit goes to ABC News, the for the most part, offered challenging questions focused on the topics that are most important to Democrats, are considering your decisions for the next year.

But some of the credit belongs to the accident, as the Democratic National Committee meant the bulky, participation-trophy-rules, that the first two debates were, in fact, candidate forums, with various odd-lots is glorified.

What Democrats saw on Thursday should encourage the rule, for their hopes in the year 2020. There were several credible-sounding voices, most of which were in the situation, a conclusion of the discussion, seemed, if not quite presidential yet, at least in the vein.

There were also exceptions. Former housing and urban development Secretary Julian Castro sounded like he was delivering sick burns in a Dorm room argument. His fellow Texan, Beto O’rourke, was not much better. Both brought the rage and anger of candidates feel they were unfairly overlooked for their wonderful gifts.

California Sen. Kamala Harris had another fight. You could almost the cries of their consultants listen to tells her to be warm, relatable and personal, damnit. It was cringey, and then it is just stale. Harris is a personality in search of a platform, and you will find it on Thursday night.

Speaking of performative candidate, Andrew Yang probably added to his cult, enough so that he will be in the next month and maybe the month after that. But he also made it clear that he is not really running for President. Let us imagine, he’s wearing a suit made of $100 bills for the next go around.

Cory Booker may or may not be in the run for President, but he is certainly a good figure as a running mate in Houston. His tears of rage, were gone blessed smile and an encouragement to the unit replaced with a happiness. It was easy to see him as the wingman for one of the older, whiter candidate in the middle of the stage.

It would be too much to say that South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg seemed to be President, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that he seemed normal, reasonable, and ready. After a series of setbacks this summer, Buttigieg seemed to stabilize. He could also get a fine veep.

We wince at set-pieces, such as “breakout performance”, but if someone on the stage, shouldered their way into the discussion, it was Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar. It has improved, while mainly under-the-radar campaign and seemed more at ease and more target-oriented on Thursday, as they had before.

In the other direction of Vermont sen. Bernie Sanders, not that it matters. Sanders’ support seems mostly to be an article of faith on this point, rather than a candidate preference, as long as he feels, Bern, his fans. Sounds like a Bible-beating preacher (with a Brooklyn accent), a red-faced Sanders thundered to the evils of the world.

Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, was sure-footed in most of their answers and continued on their strategy of not directly engage their rivals, an approach that has served her well to this point. But they also showed that the liabilities for a candidate who charmed the Reporter through the provision of reams of policy papers. Their proposals are complex, expensive and riddled with controversial positions.

Warren wanted to see you as a girl of modest means who grew up to be a school teacher, who now wear your simple, home-spun wisdom on the perplexing problems of a complicated world. That didn’t keep quite. Warren can expect the additional control of not only their proposals, but also on the clean biographical picture she has painted.

And what to say about Joe Biden? The Democrats’ front-runner certainly does do himself no harm, and indeed it turned out, the quietus to questions about his age and alleged disability. There were no major slip-up and he even managed a couple of spin moves, even if his footwork was gentle.

Biden is the biggest success that was revealed in the summer, on Thursday. The Democrats have had since the examination of the question of whether an Obamian restoration was good enough for a political objective. Castro, O’rourke and Sanders clear that Barack Obama‘s legacy is not a worthy summit with the Democrats to look for. Echo the language of the long-shot-ideologists in the course of the story, they insured that everyone on the stage win would continue to fall and that the real Problem was always chosen someone who is sufficiently radical. Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul would have been proud of.

But that’s not where the Democrats are the heads. Whether it’s the moderation for the sake of electability, or for its own sake, the party, have the voters made it clear that they are not interested in what is new or what is radical. And no one could say that Biden is either of these things. You ask him what in his record collection.

The admission on the parts of the other candidates on the stage is a boon for Biden, who draped himself in the insignia of the 44th President. In 2008 it was “hope and change” for the year 2020, it is the fear and the nostalgia.

As long as Biden can keep taking blows and keep in mind, his footwork, he will be hard to knock out.

“The only attributions to our own faith, in respect of the same Treaty, should first be removed.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 15

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Biden: 29 Points
Warren: 18.6 Points
Sanders: 15 Points
Harris: 6.8 Points
Buttigieg: 5.2 Points
[Mean values are: CNN, ABC News/WaPo, IBD, Quinnipiac University, and a USA Today/Suffolk University.]

Average Level Of Agreement: 40 Percent
The average of the rejection: 54.8 percent
Net Rating: -14.8 Per Cent
Change from a week ago: no change in points
[Average, includes: NPR/PBS/Marist: 41% approve, reject – 54%; CNN: 42% approve – 54% disapprove; ABC News/WaPo: 40% approve – 55% lean; IBD: 39% approve – 55% lean; Quinnipiac University: 38% approve, reject 56%.]

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Boston Herald: “Former Vice President Joe Biden has lost his lead in New Hampshire with U.S. Sen Bernie Sanders jump in front of what is now clearly a three-person race for the Democratic primary, a new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald survey shows. Sanders is the top of the survey, 29% of likely Democratic primary voters. Biden comes in second place with 21% of the vote and Massachusetts US Sen Elizabeth Warren is third in the poll with 17%. … The survey shows that the top-tier 2020 primaries, candidates far ahead of the pack, with California U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris landing is a distant fourth with 6% of the primary votes, the FPU-Herald survey shows. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang , and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg are bound to 5%.”

Yang is looking for a gap in the law for the campaign gimmick – NYT: “Andrew Yang, the businessman who has promised that all American adults with $1,000 per month if he is elected President, announced the democratic debate Thursday that he would distribute such payments to 10 people for the next year. … But, unlike earlier in his campaign, when Mr Yang is paid for, what he calls ‘freedom dividend” out of his own pocket, to three families, his Advisor said the money would be funded for the last round of payments by the campaign, the questions of whether such a giveaway is against Federal election law. To distinguish …legitimate campaign expenses from personal expenses, the regulatory authorities must determine whether the costs would also exist, if the candidate is running for office. Mr Yang, the campaign said late Thursday that the scheduled payments would be legal muster, because they would not exist if it were not for the campaign.”

Roll Call: “As house Republicans launched a 48-hour retreat here Thursday afternoon to plot their path back to the majority, the minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters the GOP’s top priority if it repeats the chamber in the year 2020 would be the address of the national debt. ‘The first thing we would do is that our debt is taken care of,” the California Republican. ‘This is to grow in the sequel.’ “We don’t have a majority that has just taken over the Democrats — the first thing they did was on a budget. We would have done the pass a budget just like we did it before, the balance us on a path to,’ McCarthy added. ‘We want to make sure that our rights are protected for our future generation, because of the question today. Every great society has collapsed, if you overwhelmed yourself.'”

Lewis cagy on impeachment – Politico: “Rep. John Lewis has called Donald Trump an illegitimate leader and boycotted his inauguration, but he remained conspicuously silent on the requirements for the president’s impeachment. In spite of his silence, for Trump to remove, refer to the civil rights icon-a-man-Democrats describe as the conscience of their group — as a very powerful potential ally, one of the last publicly undecided legislators, could change the calculus within the Democratic caucus. And Lewis himself says that an announcement on impeachment is almost at hand. … Lewis was closely associated with speaker Nancy Pelosi over the years. A charge approval of Lewis stepped up questions for Pelosi, the procedure to be in favour so far resisted the calls. That is why several senior lawmakers proposed private Lewis is unlikely to back impeachment proceedings without their blessing — rendering such an endorsement unlikely.”

Bloomberg: “President Donald Trump was a Federal appeals court ordered to defend a lawsuit accused him of profiting from his presidency, a possible blow to its efforts to get its finances secret. The U.S. Court of Appeals in New York on Friday, the lawsuit by a restaurant group, which accused the President of violating the U.S. Constitution remuneration clauses. The decision reinforced a legal threat from Trump about the mixing of his business interests, with his authority as President. Unless, that is, an extended panel of judges or the Supreme court reverses the decision, trump is forced to defend himself, his actions and his business and personal finances to the test. … He drew fresh criticism last month when he suggested that next year the meeting of the group of 7 leaders, hosted by the United States, should be held in its resort in South Florida.”

Politico: “Venture capitalist Peter Thiel and conservative author Ann Coulter are scheduled to host a fundraising reception for Kansas Republican Kris Kobach‘s Senate campaign in the next week. The event will take place on Sept. 18 in New York City, after an invitation by POLITICALLY — is a fundraising boost for Kobach, as the former Kansas secretary of state and immigration Hardliner faces strong resistance from the Republican party establishment. … But many GOP officials fear the controversial Kobach proved to be unelectable, if he lost the Governor’s race in 2018, and you are worried that he could take the hand, what is normally a safe Republican seat to Democrats in the year 2020, if the Republicans are trying to protect, a three-seat Senate majority. Senior Republicans, including Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have tried to recruit Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, a former Kansas Congressman in the competition.”

A chatty Booker got the third-most of the time speak in the debate – WaPo

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“I always look orange, and so do you.” President Trump delivers a speech to house Republicans complain about the quality of the light cast by the newer light bulbs.

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“As far as I can determine, the only legal firearms sales, do not require to check on the background of intra-state sales between individuals. Private individuals are prohibited, the sale of weapons to persons not inhabitants of the state, under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Private citizens can’t ship firearms across state lines Since this is intra-state commerce, this would not be a state matter rather than a Federal Problem?” – Keith Tolk, Albuquerque, N. M.

[Ed. Note: in the course of time, Mr. Tolk, the Federal government has asserted, and has been confirmed in some of the violence on firearms. You can’t buy a machine gun, a Bazooka or a howitzer under Federal law although, obviously, flame-throwers are legit. As to your point, I suspect, that the majority of firearms purchases, which are in the licensed gun Dealer for in-state residents. But the FBI agent as the Basis for their authority over the regulation of interstate Commerce, but rather law enforcement is concerned. The effect that a background checks on all sales would be in the fact that the same requirements for an arms dealer to the individual citizens of these transactions. I’m sure there are people who argue that the provisions of the Covenant, we say, with automatic weapons are unconstitutional. Maybe there is even a case. But so far, the courts have confirmed the limited Federal regulation as well as the judge have to keep more on the personal rights to bear arms.]

“We are expats living in Peru. We are homeschooling our youngest son and daughter, at the age of 16, and 8. Mr Stirewalt, what books would you recommend, to help, to teach our children a love for America, an appreciation for the wonders of our founding and the founders?” – Erin Madsen, Peru

[Ed. Note: What an adventure your family, Mrs. Madsen! And kudos to you for wanting to educate your children in the wonders of your home’s Foundation. I just got George‘s latest book, “The Conservative sensibility.” Some of it is dedicated to, Is the recipe for our current policy, but the vast majority is about our founding and the intellectual history of the modern conservative and progressive movements. Your teenager might enjoy it. David McCullough‘s “1776” is one of my favorites. It was McCullough’s masterful biography of John Adams , but expanded to take in the scope of this moment in time, and the remarkable men and women who populated it. But what about a third-grader? You have perhaps already too old for the wonderful series of Childhood of Famous Americans. My third graders loved it and they are certainly working to make the subject accessible. I’m not sure that the history books they use, but I was infinitely impressed by “The history of the world.” I together with my sons in their studies in school. Please stay in touch and tell us how your adventures in living and in education.]

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“And because we remain so imperfect a nation, we are in the position to our stated values dictate to others around the world.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018), writing in the Weekly Standard on Oct. 19, 2009.

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