Biden, Sanders attack new Harris health plan from different angles

nearvideo of democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris health plan prior to the second debate

Democratic rivals pounce on Kamala Harris’ new health care plan that people can keep private insurance or buy into Medicare; Peter Doocy reports from Detroit

Hours after the White House candidate Sen. Kamala Harris unveiled to push their plan to the country in the direction of a government-supported “Medicare for all” health care system in the next ten years, the California Democrat faced incoming fire from two of your top competitors for your party-2020-presidential nomination.

The campaign of sen Bernie Sanders from Vermont, proposed the Harris proposal, to say, “call it what you want, but you can’t call this plan, Medicare for All.”

And, the former Vice-President Joe Biden’s team called the Harris plan a “must-have-it-every-which-way-approach”, that “backtracks on its long-promised – but then hedged support of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation.”


Harris – in the announcement of its plan Monday morning – stressed that, in contrast to Sanders’ single-payer proposal, you would not completely eliminate the private insurance companies of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Your campaign is broadcast, the Harris plan would allow private insurers to offer Medicare plans. The system implemented more than ten years to build, on the popular Medicare Advantage system, the Americans supported a choice between the government-run public plan and government-certified private-sector Medicare-reaching plans for universal coverage.

The Harris campaign also highlighted that, in contrast to Sanders’ plan would not raise taxes on the middle class to pay for “Medicare-for-all” system.


“An idea of Senator Sanders, for example, is irradiated to make the increase in taxes for families, as little as $29,000 in the year,” your campaign, such as you published your candidate plan. “She believes that hits SMEs particularly hard, so that they are highlighted is not more taxes on families making under 100,000 US to help the Dollar, to pay for this plan,” your campaign.


A few hours later, Sanders ‘ campaign manager Faiz Shakir teed off on the Harris proposal, accusing the first-term senator, and former California attorney General, the “folding” of the health insurance industry.

“This plan is centered around the privatization of Medicare, enriching insurance executives and the introduction of more greed and profiteering in the Medicare system. Further, we can’t wait 10 years to fix a dysfunctional health system,” Shakir calculated.

Harris campaign spokesman Ian Sams said the fire, with the argument that the criticism of Sanders campaign was not” so factually incorrect I don’t know where to begin.”

He also defended the option “private”, to say in the Harris proposal, “it sets strict requirements for all private insurance companies, we want to offer a Medicare plan, including the cost, quality, access, and services”

Health care is a top issue with primaries voters, while the “Medicare for all” is very popular with the progressive base of the party. Research has shown that a majority of Americans would support such a plan, if it allows you to select between a government-run public plan and certified private options.

The Harris plan appeared to set a middle ground between Sanders’ “Medicare-for-improving – all” proposal and the public option in ObamaCare, that Biden has proposed.


The former Vice-President, the top-of-the 2020 Democrats, and the only top-tier candidate who has not met supports a single-payer “Medicare-for-all” system, again and again, jabs this month at Harris about a lack of straightforwardness on, how would you pay for your plan.

At the end of last week, Biden again Sanders singled out for being honest about the impact of the implementation of the single-payer health care plan, but he once again put into question Harris’s veracity.

“I find that people say they are for ‘Medicare for all” -but you are not taxing the middle class, because we need to do that. Come on. My point is, this is a fantasy world, here,” Biden emphasized.

Biden, Deputy campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield, notes that Harris was one of the first senators in the year 2017 to co-sponsor Sanders “Medicare for all” bill, calculated on Monday that Harris would lead the plan “a Bernie Sanders-to-be lite, Medicare for All, and a refusal, with the American middle class, which forced a big tax increase on you with this plan.”

The Harris-roll-out and pushback from Sanders and Biden campaigns came on the eve of the second round of the primary debates with the Democrats.



Sanders is planned that on Tuesday evening, the debate, standing center-stage with Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and eight other competitors.

Harris and Biden will be standing side-by-side center stage on Wednesday evening, during the second of the two debates.

Harris has seen her poll numbers rise since the first round of the debate, as they went on the attack against Biden, as she criticized the recent comments of the former Vice-President of spotlighting his ability to find similarities, in the 1970s, the racial segregation that senators, with whom he does not agree, and about his opposition decades ago to federally mandated school busing.


Biden ‘ s lead over his rivals worsened following what was seen as a less-than-stellar debate performance.

However, two new national polls from Fox News and Quinnipiac University indicated that the former Vice President retained a big lead on its 2020 primary rivals.

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