Biden rips Democrats’ ‘elitism,’ to achieve fault party for the failure of working class


Vice President Biden offered a blunt diagnosis for the reason to why his party was not able to, voters who are attracted to Donald Trump at the end: “We don’t have to talk with you.”

In his strongest comments on why Hillary Clinton lost the election, the outgoing veep, prides itself on its blue-collar roots in Scranton, Pa., said, his party failed to connect with the working-class, predominantly white, voters. Speaking in a detailed interview with the Los Angeles Times, Biden warned that “a little bit of elitism” has “crept in” to consider party, and pushed for a change.

“I don’t think we let a lot of people — high-school-educated, mostly white, but also coloured people — know that we understand their problems,” he allegedly said.

The interview was one of the toughest post-mortem on looks, nor by a party, the elder, why the Democrats lost. While other top party-have been looking for a strategist, tout Clinton’s nearly 3 million people popular-vote lead, to explain on election day, Biden is trying to why Trump was able to win the States that helped the delivery of the electoral Committee, the victory and with it the presidency.


He remembered just a trump rally in Pennsylvania near where he grew up and thinks, “Son of a gun. We can lose this election.”

Biden, the L. A. Times said, “you are all of the people with whom I grew up. They are your children. And you are not racist. You are not sexist. But we are not to talk to you.”

Biden had run for the White house itself, just to decide against it more than a year ago.

In the interview, he criticized Democratic candidates Clinton, says that he “don’t think you can ever really thought,” that’s why she was running, during the recognition, you probably thought that you “had no other choice.” But his wider criticism of the party, its message and its insufficient outreach to the kinds of voters Trump attracted.

Clinton took criticism during the campaign, at one point describes swaths of Trump voters as part of a “basket deplorables,” she says later, and went back. Biden reportedly argued that the Democrats, in fact, created a false conflict between “progressive” values and those of the working class.

“What are the arguments that we hear? “Well, we have more progressive.’ I’m not saying we should be less progressive,” he told the Times. “We should be proud of, where the hell are we, and not yield an inch. But in the meantime, you can eat not equality. Do you know that?”

He said, “we did not constantly a mistake to speak to the fears, desires, and concerns of middle-class people … she did not say a word about this to hear that husband and wife are working, what fight than 100,000 dollars in a year, two children, and scared to death. They are used to our constituency.”

As the democratic party reassesses and not only prepares for the incoming Trump management – reinforced by Congress, the Republican-controlled house has left open whether he would not consider me a further run in the year 2020. He said that most recently, his age and health could be a Problem or not.

But Biden is unlikely to silence, as the new government comes into office. His criticism of Trump has not subsided, and in the interview, Biden said he believes that Trump understands working-class people.

“He at least acknowledged that the pain. But he played on the preliminary decision. He played on the fear,” he said.

Biden is not the only party that the elder is open to the criticism of the Democratic infrastructure on the way out the door. Retirement of Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid also made headlines this week after telling Nevada Public Radio, the Democratic National Committee has “worthless” and non-Contracting States helped.

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