Biden raises the stakes for South Carolina

in the vicinityVideoBiden in hot water with progressive for attending a fundraiser instead, and natural gas investor

2020 hopeful, Joe Biden, defended participation in the fundraiser, despite the promise of signing of the No Fossil fuel money.

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On the roster: Biden shares for South Carolina Republicans throws focus on Trump in N. C. special election – GOPers cancel primaries to thwart Trump’s enemies – the White house, poll tests, gun-policy, way back, you may want to check for hippies

Politico: “Joe Biden‘s front-running presidential candidacy will live or die by the black voice. His campaign tacitly accepted, it is this week. The Advisor to the former Vice-President began lowering expectations about the he in both Iowa and New Hampshire … and draw the attention in the direction of South Carolina and in the South, where the black voters cast a majority of the primary vote in a handful of States on Super Tuesday. It does not mean that Biden will make us lose the first two nominating contests, only that his campaign views South Carolina … can’t afford as an early primary to. It is the clearest evidence yet of his campaign theory of the case has its roots in Biden’s strength among black voters, African-Americans Biden by overwhelming margins in both the Palmetto State and nationally, the South Carolina makes, the focal point of Biden’s early-state strategy”.

WaPo: “A political saga that has amounted to more than two years of exploding because of the charge of the ballots, which prompted state and Federal investigations and to determine the cancellation of the November parliamentary election at the end of Tuesday with an election, to serve as a referendum on the Trump and most important barometer for the elections of 2020. For the Republicans, that would be promising news seem to be in a district, the preferred Trump by 12 percentage points in 2016. [Republican Dan] Bishop shows no separation of the President and his campaign for the closure of TV-advertising prominently features footage of trump-attack [Democrat Dan] McCready… But the race between Bishop and McCready is remarkably tight, according to the candidate, political officials, and public surveys. … The stakes for the race go through a single congressional seat. For one, it is measured to roles, whether the “blue wave”, the house Democrats swept into the majority in last year…”

Kentucky miners in McGrath ad cry foul – Lexington Herald-Leader: “Two miners in a campaign commercial for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath sent a cease and desist letter asking the campaign to finish on your pictures, but the campaign said on Thursday that the two men signed a form to give your consent to appear in the advertising. The display, which McGrath began August 23, featured a presentation of a group of miners, a 10-hour bus trip to Washington DC to ask the U.S. Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell for restoring a higher tax on coal companies to help Fund the Federal Black Lung disability Trust Fund. … Two of the miners who went on the trip, and were presented in the ad, Randy Robbins and Albrow hall, said through a lawyer that you have been led to believe, the footage was used for a documentary for the Black Lung Association, and that they ” don’t know, and were never told that they were filmed for a political advertisement.'”

Behind the scenes of the race for Isakson’s seat – AJC: “On the surface, the bribes for the U.S. sen Johnny Isakson‘s seat, seemed to rest in the week, as the Republican upended Georgia policy, with the announcement that he would step down later this year, as he struggles with his health. But only from the eyes, the maneuvering for Isakson, soon-to-be-vacated spot has intensified, as ambitious Republicans are positioning themselves for Gov. Brian Kemp‘s blessing, and aspiring Democrats to determine whether you should make a statewide run. Interviews with more than a dozen potential candidates, officials and elected officials showed the shadow campaign is in full swing, but only a few were ready to open to the public. Many Republicans are wary of looking too eager or upsetting Kemp; many Democrats are waiting for the field to gel.”

Politico: “Four States are ready to terminate the 2020 GOP presidential primaries and Caucasus, a step that cut off oxygen to Donald Trump‘s long-shot primary Challenger. The Republican party in South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, and Kansas is expected that the completion of the cancellations in the meetings this weekend, according to three GOP officials familiar with the plans. The moves are the latest illustration of the Trump the acquisition of the entire Republican party apparatus. You snuff underline that the extent, determined in the its allies, the tobacco from any possible nuisance en route to his re-nomination — or even to deny Republican critics a platform to bring him in embarrassment. Trump’s consultants are quick to point out that the parties of the incumbent President is seeking re-election have a long history of canceling primaries, and note it will save the state parties of money. But the President is the primary opponent … [], called it to manipulate part of a larger effort, the competition in the trump suit like that.”

Farm loan delinquencies surge, a warning sign for Trump – Reuters: “Farm loan delinquencies rose to a record high in June in Wisconsin community banks, the data showed on Thursday, a sign that President Donald Trump trade conflicts with China and other countries are to hit farmers hard, in a state that could be crucial for his chances of re-election in 2020. The share of agricultural loans, the long-overdue increased by 2.9% to community banks in Wisconsin, June 30, the highest rate in comparable records going back to 2001, according to a Reuters analysis of loans delinquency data published by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. While the number of seriously delinquent farm loans is rising nationwide, the long-term rate has more than doubled in Wisconsin community banks since Trump took office in January of 2017. It is now higher than in any other of the top 10 U.S. farm States, as measured in the production – a list that includes California, Iowa and Texas.”

“But the fact is an alarming proof of the danger from a government that don’t have regular forces according to their objects? A dissolution or usurpation is the dreadful dilemma to which it is constantly exposed to.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 38

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “the staff at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette were surprised to learn, April 15, along with the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news, came a cash prize of $15,000. The newspaper was honored with a Pulitzer prize for his coverage of the shooting death of 11 people and the wounding of seven other work. Oct. 27 the tree of life congregation in Squirrel Hill. … But what to do with that $ 15,000? The staff felt the terrible events of the day, made it difficult to enjoy fully, one of the nation’s highest awards for journalistic performance. And the distribution of the monetary award among those who had participated do not appear in the coverage just right. PG publisher John Robinson Block had a suggestion — donate the prize money to the tree of life to help them repair their bullet-riddled temple in Squirrel Hill.On Aug. 29, in the Post-Gazette newsroom on the North Shore, the newspaper’s executive editor, Keith Burris, will be presenting a $15.000 check to Rabbi Jeffrey Myers and Samuel Schachner, President of the Assembly.”

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Biden: 28 Points
Warren: 18.2 Points
Sanders: 14.8 Points
Harris: 6.4 Points
Buttigieg: 5 Points
[Mean values are: IBD, Quinnipiac University, USA Today/Suffolk University, Monmouth University, and CNN.]

Average Level Of Agreement: 40.2%
The average of the rejection: 55%
Net Rating: -14.8 Per Cent
Change from a week ago: down 1.8 points
[Average, includes: IBD: 39% approve, reject – 55%; Quinnipiac University: 38% approve, reject – 56%; USA Today/Suffolk University: 44% approve – 54% lean; Gallup: 39% approve, reject – 57%; Monmouth University: 41% approve – 53% disapprove.]

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NYT: “President Trump , assured Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, on Thursday, that he is still considering legislation that could also background checks for gun buyers. But White House aides said they had polling data to show that the gun was in control politically problematic for the President, according to two people briefed on the meeting. Inside the White house, the issue of new gun control measures is largely theoretical. Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, the majority leader, has pointed out that it was the President, the press, his party to act. To help, Mr. Trump decision-making, White House aides commissioned a poll to determine where his followers stood on various measures. … But the polling data, White House aides said, noting that the issue will help the President with his core base of supporters…”

Preps alternative legal rules – Fox News: “The Ministry of justice sent a package of legislative proposals on gun violence to the White house, a person familiar with the matter told Fox News, as the debate rages over how the legislature and the President should react to a recent spate of deadly mass shootings. The White house had the proposals for two weeks, according to the source, but has not yet sent everything on Capitol Hill. It was not immediately clear what the proposals are contained in the DOJ package. President Trump has a willingness at least to consider new measures, but at the same time, he will defend also, Second Amendment rights. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidates have gone so far as to call for mandatory gun-buyback programs, and other far-reaching measures.”

Fox News: “Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced Friday morning he is officially the task of his exploration of an independent election campaign, but the billionaire said that he plans to spend considerable funds to ‘transform our broken system.” To be quoted by Schultz, in a letter written the General election fatigue, institutional obstacles to an independent candidacy and back will suffer among the reasons for not running for the presidency. … [Schultz wrote] ‘I’m going to turn to support this election cycle and the coming years of courageous and creative initiatives to our broken system and the inequality of opportunity that plagues our nation.’ The 66-year-old intended, the centre-left candidacy was considered a possible obstacle for whoever wins the democratic nomination for the presidency, and was particularly run threat around for the moderate candidates – Biden as the front-runner and former Vice-President Joe – the, something Schultz recognized that he made.”

Shutdown showdown begin. Sep. 16 – Roll Call

As a law professor, was Italy’s Prime Minister… twice – WaPo

Administration rolls out plan for Fannie, Freddie back to pre-panic-roles – WaPo

“You come to the show, and you know exactly what you are going to get meets all of the above and maybe a few surprises, too.” – Michael Telesca, of the self-described “Front Row Joe” in an Interview with the WSJ, for travel near and far to visit dozens of Trump political rallies.

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“Last Wednesday, Mr. Kent Haldorson of Beaverton, Oregon wrote to touch on the great divide in our country today, lamenting the lack of bipartisanship in our current political system. He said, ‘progress and performance working together quite a lot.’ Your answer is catalogued, how we arrived at our two-party system that is the root of bitterness that we see today. Perhaps a parliamentary system would better serve the country’s 21st century needs? I am always amazed about the incredible (supernatural?) the wisdom of our founders. They understood that no system of survival-organised state that could, the human weaknesses of its politicians, (can I hear support for the time limits?) Samuel Adams, the architect of the original TEA y in Boston almost 250 years ago, said, ‘If ever the time should come, when vain and aspiring men (or women) should have the highest seats in government, our country is in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.’ The vanity and personal needs of our current national office holders of both parties are obvious… but your sense of patriotism is not nearly as…if it was, the drive to fix our broken immigration system would not be languishing in the corridors of the Congress to wait for an “experienced ” patriot” to champion a solution, regardless of who gets the credit.” James Kinney, Capt., USN (ret), Hoschton, Ga.

[Ed. Note: according to the UK graduation by Brexit is not exactly cheering to think that a parliamentary system would be preferable! But that would be kind of like the note on the weather to discuss, the climate, wouldn’t it? I think we would do well to remember the object of our system of separated powers. Majorities are very powerful in a parliamentary system. Once you have the votes, you can rock and sock ‘em. Our system is based on making it difficult for the government to exert itself, which is why we cut it in pieces. You need the cooperation of the two houses of Congress and then two branches of government to get things done. These actions can then derailed by the third branch of the train is found to be contrary to the Constitution. We wanted a system that was responsive to popular demands… but only up to a certain point. The founders were not optimists about human nature and, therefore, skeptical of the abilities of the people to govern a comprehensive, far-reaching laws to each other. They preferred a less powerful, inefficient government to a powerful, efficiently. As for the two-party system, I think we are much too much Vetter economy, but this is substantially the result of the parties themselves, as weak as institutions. Rather than act as a mediating force, the power, the popular mood in the mainstream ships, they have conventions a little more than the organizers of the quadrennial. I think you are right about the selfish ambitions of politicians, but I think we should be looking for ways to build a system that discourages the individual performance of the policy in favor of cooperation. In my opinion, the strengthening of our existing Federal, Republican system means, rather than simply a reduction in the adopt bar for legislation to.]

“Thank you Chris for the excellent summary of God’s blessing to us, of the American Constitution. You don’t write these very often, but this is too good to pass up. Proud (and grateful) to be a citizen of the United States.” – John Battenburg, Vacaville, California.

[Ed. Note: I’m glad (and grateful) that you made an exception!]

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WaPo: “The town of Cheverly in Prince George’s County [Md.] – Population of 6,173 – has a new, strange smell that was so strong sometimes, that there are some sleep awakened, say residents and officials of the city, try to find out what it is. Officials said in a statement on the city website, some of the smells “, also brought the inhabitants of gag, and you will experience a burning sensation in the back of the throat.” In the posting, which went up Wednesday, they said, the reports of the smell Tuesday evening began, but it is not clear where the stench is coming from. Officials said they have reported the conditions for the state Institute for the environment and also reached the local fire Department, Washington Gas, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, and Pepco. … Mayor Laila Riazi said on Thursday that they don’t comment on, since ‘we are looking into things.'”

“Appreciated, also because, in our policy, the success of self-check.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on Aug. 5, 2016.

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