Biden is not: “I am ready to oblige you to run one way or another’ for the 2. Term of office, if elected

in the vicinityVideoOne-term plan? Biden denies to talk to helpers about re-election

The former Vice-President, Joe Biden, denies the planning for the one-term presidency; Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy reports.

The former Vice-President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he is willing to commit to running for a second term if he is elected President next November.

Biden, if he were to be elected would be the oldest seats of the American President in the history at the end of his first term in office, not answers, democratic primary debate, moderator Tim Alberta on the question of whether he was pursuing a second term in the White house.

“No, I am not ready to commit, one way or another,” Biden said on Thursday the debate on the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.


Biden’s comment comes after a media report that his campaign is via a public promise to serve only one term if he is elected-something his campaign denied.

Politico last week reported that the consultants in the vicinity to tell Biden that he is seriously considering, if only for a Semester.

“If Biden is elected, he is 82 years old, in four years, and he will not be running for re-election,” an adviser to Politico said.


The consultant said that if Biden served only one term, he could be positioned, choose a younger running mate, and have a young and diverse staff so as the candidate that can both defeat President Trump next November and help bring the party of fresh faces to power.

“It makes a good transitional figure,” the adviser to Biden said. “I would like to have a choice this year, for the next generation of leaders, but if I have to wait four years [], to get rid of Trump, I’m ready to do it.”


The question of Biden’s age, came as the candidates were grilled about the lack of diversity in the 2020 primaries-candidates on the stage for the debate. Of the seven candidates qualified for the debate, business man Andrew Yang was the only minority, and, if he is elected, Biden and Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, would be the oldest President in the history of the United States.


Warren joked, however, that the “youngest woman President,” as well.

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