Biden campaign rejects moderate label, swipes on plan-owned rivals before the debate

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Frontrunner Joe Biden continues to lead in the polls but Elizabeth Warren has the gap narrowed; Peter Doocy reports from Houston.

HOUSTON – The Biden campaign a preview of your debate strategy on Thursday night by at least two things clear: The former Vice President rejects efforts to occupy him, such as an incremental moderate. And he will do the call to his rival, more than just wave around a whole arsenal of policy proposals.

“The Vice President will argue that we need more than just plans — we need to act. We need progress,” a senior Biden campaign official said on Thursday. “This race is not just about plans, it is a matter of the things for the people.”


The comments came at a briefing with reporters on the sidelines of the debate in Houston, and they amounted to an implicit side-swipe at the surging Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is best known for her countless plans. The Massachusetts senator published but have other plans on Thursday morning, focused on Social security.

The dynamics between the two rivals, the main attraction could be, since this level for the first time, Warren was on the same stage with Biden in the Democratic primary. The criteria tightened for this third debate matchup between the candidates, only the 10 top-polling candidates are to appear, in contrast to the field is split in two halves for two consecutive nights of debates.

The debate is to build a clear opportunity for Warren to be on the dynamics of your campaign has experienced in the last few weeks. But Biden, in dealing with the ongoing critical reporting in the media about a string of verbal flubs, and a narrative of his left flank that he’s not advanced enough, is determined to convince the voters that there is more to his candidacy than just the “electability” factor.

After the campaign, he will talk about the “meaningful changes” he helped track, while Vice President under Barack Obama, and his plans to build on this success.


“He’s talking about his physical record,” the official said, and campaigned for his victories against the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the support for the violence Against women Act.

“Joe Biden has been at the forefront of progressive change,” the official said.


The campaign said Biden will “reject the premise that the ideas he forward step.”

“We believe it is a false dichotomy, in this race between the candidates, which, allegedly, the liberal revolutionaries, and those who said for incremental change,” another official.

As for his strategy for the debate stage, the campaign made it clear that Biden “is in this race for attacks on other Democrats.”

“He is very clear,” an official said. “Our hope and our goal is that this is a substantive political discussion.”

The official added, however, that Biden “has not shied away from drawing a contrast between his health plan and Medicare-for-all — specially the costs, in another obvious jab at Warren and sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“He is not attacking in the race, other Democrats, but he is not afraid to have a meaningful conversation,” said the official.

In spite of the consistent frontrunner in the crowded primaries the area, Biden has set itself apart with the critical reporting in the media and the General frustration with his candidacy of the left-hand side. His campaign also marred were appearances by a few verbal slip-up in the last few weeks, while some top Democrats have asked the question, his handling of his own records.

The former Obama adviser David Axelrod recently him his record of distorting blamed on the war in Iraq.

Biden weathered as we know, a rhetorical broadside from Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., during the first primary debate, the in connection with his past on desegregation busing.

The Republicans, meanwhile trying to capitalize on the debate by hammering their message that the party is sliding into socialism.

“The socialists are in the city today. You want the government to say what profession you have, what health care they can have and what school you can go. They want control over every aspect of your life, and you want to pay, the taxpayers, the” Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel said in Houston on Thursday. “This is not what America is.”

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