Biden ad checked actually: campaign gets “four Pinocchios” on the video ‘Tricks’

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The democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden releases coronavirus plan, criticized Trump’s administration the answer; reaction of Chris syndicated radio host, Ethan Bearman, host of ‘Left Coast News Planned.’

An online campaign ad from former Vice-President, Joe Biden, campaign earns four Pinocchios in a Washington Post fact-check that said, the ad-engaged in the “video list” to parts of quotes, and context, in an effort to have President Trump look bad.

The facts-check out the paper on the Biden ad that was posted on Twitter, also renewed criticism of Twitter for what the campaign says trump, is politically selective enforcement of its policy by the social media giant. It sent a scathing letter to Twitter earlier this week, after the company labeled one of his videos “manipulated media”.

The expertly cut video, the Biden tweeted on Super Tuesday, contrasts Biden, who has the message of “hope over fear” against a litany of claims and the comments Trump made over the years. The Post has a Problem with the Biden campaign presentation of two of these moments in all-a trump quote, the coronavirus and the American dream



“Coronavirus-this is your new wrong message,” the video shows Trump said at a campaign event in South Carolina.

The President has said, “this is your new hoax”, right after he said: “coronavirus” in its original comments, as the ad makes it appear, but rather the wrong message comment a few sentences later. Trump was still talking about the coronavirus, he said, the “hoax” part of the comment, but it was in relation to the media and how it covered his impeachment.

The Post takes issue with the edit, saying that it is misleading. Trump has tamper-deceived about his administration in response to the Corona Virus, which claimed the Post, “But that doesn’t excuse this kind of video. This is a clear example of misleading editing, especially what we label ‘omission.'”

The next claim, the Post-fact-check is a video of Trump, a hug, an American flag, which is paired with the audio-the President to say: “the American dream … is dead.”

But the Post explains, Trump promised to bring back the American dream immediately after he said: “the American dream is dead”, what is the Biden campaign omitted.


“The news is certainly grim, but not to include the second half of the Trump repeated a line, it is isolated to the comment from the context of the Trump the political argument,” the Post says a fact-check. “Moreover, the ad did not make clear that the clip is almost five years old, ignored the difference, if a candidate and a sitting President makes a provocative political statement like this.”

The Post, in the four-Pinnochio fact-check, says this, edit the Biden ad provides the “missing context.” The newspaper is actually the Trump video of Biden checked that Twitter is Missing from the designation as a manipulated and came to the conclusion that it is, saying it was “the context.”

Both the trump presidential campaign and the Republican party were quick to tout the paper reference to the Biden campaign.

To gaffes”, such as Biden repeated Biden’s penchant for lying and politicising President Trump’s reaction to the Corona Virus is a pattern,” GOP “Rapid Response” Director Steve guest said in a statement. “However, while the Biden smear President Trump, Trump administration keeps wasting aggressive action continues to take with the coronavirus response.”

The trump card of the campaign’s rapid response Director Matt Wolking, demanded in a statement that Twitter you respond to the Post-fact-check.


“Now that an independent, third-party fact-checker has decided that Biden video is manipulated, to cheat, to Twitter immediately to say whether or not it meets your “manipulated video” standard, and if she does, treat her the same way Twitter dealt with, the President of Trump’s campaign,” he said.

But campaign spokesman Andrew Bates Biden, in a commentary for the Washington Post, said that the ad is successful, stressed Trump the lack of credibility and underlined his mistruths.

“Donald Trump is the most dishonest President in American history and one of the least credible people in the world. We don’t trust his next-day-cleanup attempt, and he has many comments, the same direction,” he said. “And the assertion that the American dream was ‘dead’ in the last year of the Obama administration — during the longest streak of job growth in American history-is categorically wrong and another reminder of Donald Trump’s deep cynicism.”

Fox News Gregg Re contributed to this report.

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