Bible, war is revealed to be a 2800-year-old stones of the altar

This 2,800-year-old cylindrical stone altar that has been recently discovered in a shrine in the old city of Ataroth, in the Jordan. It has two inscriptions inscribed on it. The inscriptions seem to refer to events in a biblical war.” (Credit: Adam Bean)

A 2,800-year-old inscribed stone as the altar, the inside of a Women of the holy place in the old town of Ataroth, in the Jordan, as it may shed light on an ancient biblical warfare.

The altar has two inscriptions. The language in the Moabite language and the script, while the numbers of the inscriptions in the Hieratic (Egyptian writing). The altar appears to date to the a period of time, after Mesha, king of Moab, went into a rebellion against the Kingdom of Israel, conquered it, and Ataroth, (and sometimes spelled out, Atarot, a town of the Kingdom of Israel was checked. At that time, Israel broke in two, with the northern kingdom retained the name Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah is mentioned.

The Hebrew Bible refers to the popular uprising, saying that Mesha rebelled, the Moabites, Israel had an annual fee of one thousand sheep, and a huge amount of ram that is on the floor. The revolt is described by so-called Mesha stele, discovered in 1868 at Dhiban, Jordan, which states that Mesha conquered Ataroth, and killed many of the inhabitants of the city.

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The altar was discovered, as the sanctuary was excavated in the year 2010. The altar and the sanctuary recently described in the journal of the Levant.

One of the two inscriptions were written on the altar, it seems to describe the bronze, which was looted after the capture of Ataroth. “One could speculate that the quantities of the bronzes looted from the conquered city [Ataroth], at a later point in time, were to be presented as an offering at the altar and on the altar,” the researchers wrote in the journal article.

The second inscription is on the altar, it is fragmented and difficult to understand. of it seems to be saying (in translation) that “most of the 4,000 are foreign men have been scattered abroad, and deserted in large numbers, while the other part of the inscription reads “de verwoeste stad”.

“A lot of it is still unclear the inscription,” the researchers wrote, noting that this inscription has been able to discuss the events that have taken place at the Mesa’s rebellion against Israel, and the capture of Ataroth.

Fragrant substances such as incense, with aromatic woods and oils, should be burned on the altar, said the lead author, Adam Bean, a doctoral student in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

The biblical evidence

The inscribed altar to the fact that the Moabites succeeded in taking over Ataroth, said study co-author Christopher Rollston, a professor of northwest Semitic languages and literatures at the George Washington University, Washington, D. C.

The altar also shows that, 2,800 years ago, and that the Moabites had the experience of writers that have their own script. The inscription on the altar”, are the first to prove that we are a unique Women’s script,” Rollston told the Science is in, and pointed out that the Latin inscription was discovered in 1868, it is used in the Hebrew scriptures to the letter, the Moabite language.

“We talk a lot about the sophistication of the scribal education in ancient Israel-and rightly so, but the inscription on the altar to show that the old Moab, and had a number of talented writers, as well,” Rollston said.

Today, Ataroth, called Khirbat Ataruz. The excavations at the site directed by Chang-Ho Ji, who is the dean of education at La Sierra University in Riverside, California, usa.

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