BGH conservative move to overturn precedents raises questions on Roe v. Wade

in the vicinityVideoNeil from gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are to be found on opposite sides in two out of three recent judgments

Neil from gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump both of the Supreme court of the United States appointed, find themselves on opposite sides in two out of three recent judgments.

The Supreme court-conservative on Wednesday could set a precedent overturn decades-old, — for the third time in the last few weeks-a potential trend in the questions according to the current court’s willingness to re-overturning other long-standing decision: Roe v. Wade.

The high court on Wednesday, is a long-standing decision of the force to Federal authorities say the companies, what you mean with your rules actually.


However, the recent tendency to overturn existing precedents alarm bells has caused left-wing activists and judges over fears that the next one will be, reported by Bloomberg, the landmark 1973 ruling on the right to abortion could.

“Today’s decision can only lead to questions that, in the cases in which the court overrule more,” deviant justice Stephen Breyer wrote last month after the high court rewrote the 1979 precedent, the States are shielded from private lawsuits in other States courts.

“Today’s decision can only lead to questions that, in the cases in which the court overrule more.”

Justice Stephen Breyer

“Well, that won’t take long,” justice Elena Kagan wrote, after a further precedent overruled was. “Now, the question once again.”

In such decisions, the so-called conservative bloc consisting of Chief Justice John Roberts and justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil from gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, were a slim 5-4 majority.


This is despite the fact that President Trump was the nominee, from gorsuch and Kavanaugh to great lengths during their hearings, their respect for judicial precedent affirm cases.

Kavanaugh said at his confirmation hearing, that Roe v. Wade “had been confirmed has an important precedent of the Supreme court, many times, and added that planned Parenthood v. Casey, the 1992 abortion case that reaffirmed Roe’s Central holding, as a “precedent on precedent.”

It remains unclear how the high court rule on the issue of abortion. Last month, the court from which the case turned relating to abortions based on an unborn child, race or gender.


But while the conservative bloc, sometimes, the cases that have exercised Trump-appointed judges, one independent strips, and sided with liberals on several judgments of crashes.

“The defining characteristic of the two justice from gorsuch and justice Kavanaugh is that you have a very solid judicial philosophy. It is not a political approach, of the cases where you say, what will be the outcome of this case, and now you can find a court and legal justification,” Carrie Severino of the conservative judicial crisis network, told Fox News.

“It starts with the law, and it starts with how we interpret this law, and the use of the same kind of interpretive techniques, regardless of what may be the real world political results, but a uniform statutory approach,” she continued. “This must not always lead to results that one might characterize as liberal or conservative.”

“This must not always lead to results that one might characterize as liberal or conservative.”

— The Judicial Crisis Network’s Carrie Severino

Both from gorsuch and Kavanaugh appeared to show more independence in a series of decisions, the so-called liberal Block of the Supreme Court.


“I think there is less consensus than might have been expected between the conservatives, the liberals seem to still voices together are very strong,” Adam Feldman, a Supreme court expert who runs the blog Empirical SCOTUS, told Fox News.

“If we look at the voting blocks, the liberals voted together 92 percent of the time. If you look at all of the iteration of the conservatives, on the maximum votes of 75 percent of the time.”

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