Beyond the butcher’s burger has been very popular due to the American marketing

In the Us, Beyond the butcher’s burger has been wildly popular: in the meantime, publicly-listed company in the vegaburger, which saw its sales in the second quarter of this year, quadrupling it to 67,3 million to almost 61 million euro). Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio invested in the complete vegetable burger. Why is this round disc is so sought-after?

As of april 30, this year’s Beyond the butcher’s burger, also in the Dutch supermarket. In the pack, he is reddish in color, but as soon as you see him doing it, he is brown on the outside and medium on the inside. This is due to the composition of the citizen: it is made from pea protein, and beet juice. The latter ingredient makes the red color in the pan, also, is expelled as blood.

According to Beyond Meat, the burger is the first vegan burger that looks like it is fried and tastes like meat. The burger is, according to the voedingstrendwatcher Anneke Ammerlaan especially for people who have a no meat to eat, and not so much for vegetarians and vegans. Switching from meat to fake meat ” should be by a citizen it should be easier.

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In terms of taste, the trend watcher of the citizen, not the meat-like in texture, it comes pretty close. As long as you are a citizen, investing in a sauce, a vegetable, and a piece of toast, and the Beyond Meat burger is well out of price, is not any better than some of the Dutch vegetable-based alternatives. The beef steaks of the hp Vivera, which is actually meant to be an alternative to beef, but a hamburger seems to be, and the Incredible Burger from Gourmet Garden for the American vegetable burger, according to Ammerlaan.

Healthier and better for the environment than any other vegetable-based alternatives to the popular American citizen, according to Ammerlaan’s not. The burger by Beyond Meat is, for the most part, of a pea instead of soybeans, where most of the meat substitutes out of existence. However, the trend watcher is no reason for these people to choose from.

The Beyond Meat’s burger looks like a burger from the meat. (Image: 123RF)

Everyone wants to taste it

Professor of sustainable eiwitstructurering at the Wageningen University, Atze Jan van der Goot, and with Ammerlaan again. “Beyond Meat, based on the pea, while soybeans have much more protein it contains. The advantage of this is that the peas could be grown in Europe. It is good to have multiple resources for a meat substitute to use, since there is now a scarcity of the pea protein to be created.”

“There’s a whole hype around the burger is created.”
Anneke Ammerlaan, voedingstrendwatcher

The secret behind the popularity of the Beyond Meat burger, it is, according to Ammerlaan, above all in the marketing. “It was all the hype around the burger. Many well-known Americans are invested in it, and the company even went to the fair. At the same time, the citizens are also in the market. Therefore, everyone wants to taste it.”

That’s the opinion Of of the Cast as well. “If the citizens do not enjoy, then it would be in the united states is not to sell it, but I think that we are good citizens in the market. I think that the Americans are very good at marketing, and the emergence of the citizen to Europe, have carefully built up.”

The same basissmaak meat

Restaurant Thrill Grill, from michelin-starred chef Robert Kranenborg, and sold Beyond the butcher’s burger, as the first in the Netherlands, in the six months prior to the citizen on the shelves of the grocery store can be found. According to Jasper, Blaisse, from the Thrill Grill is that they have been approached by a supplier to the burger and tasted it and thought, ” this is the innovation that we have been waiting for. “We have to taste hundreds and hundreds of things, and sometimes you think, this is it.”

Blaisse is of the opinion that the citizens of the same neutral as the taste, as the meat does, which means he is very good on all the sandwiches and all the ingredients are on the card can be used. Therefore, it is Beyond the butcher’s burger is currently the only meat substitute is on their menu.

“Everyone is very excited about it,” says Blaisse. At this point, it is one in seven sales of citizens from the restaurant, Beyond the butcher’s burger. “The citizens are doing very well. Not just among vegetarians and vegans. Some people combine the burger with bacon, because, well, they’re not, and want to be.”

The average citizen makes the difference between the real and the not real”

At the airport they notice that the awareness of the market, and that the people are not each and every day of meat to eat. “Tofu is a very big difference, and while this burger by Beyond Meat, the difference between the real and the not real is much smaller.”

However, in a restaurant, people are often a bit more money on a burger in the kitchen at home is different. The Beyond Meat burger will cost € 5.99 each for two. “I don’t know if people have a long time to be willing to be that high of a price to pay, as the meat is less expensive,” says Van der Goot. To go from a buzz to a long-term trend, the price should, therefore, move down, he said.

In the company of the citizens, and that in may of this year, privately owned company, expects the growth rate to keep up. The expected turnover for this year, and it was just recently 210 million to 240 million dollars, will be adjusted.

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