Beveiligingsonderzoeker demonstrates the controversial iPhone 5C hack

Beveiligingsonderzoeker demonstrates the controversial iPhone 5C hack

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A researcher from the University of Cambridge has the iPhone 5C managed to hack it. The hack would be the FBI with a controversial encryptiezaak of pas.

Researcher, Sergei Skorobogatov demonstrates the hack in a research paper.

At the hack is the NAND memory chip from the iPhone, removed and cloned. Normally the iPhone after a number of incorrect login attempts locked, but because the cloned chip, there are always unused, looks, can be an infinite number of codes to be entered.

According to Skorobogatov is the hack without the use of expensive equipment. He used cheap parts bought at a local electronicawinkel. Hacking a four-digit pin number would be with the technique a maximum of 40 hours may take.


The FBI wanted earlier this year, a iPhone 5C from a dead terrorist hacking in an investigation. It was, according to the FBI the help of Apple, but it techbedrijf refused to cooperate. According to Apple, there would be a so-called backdoor for the iPhone that need to be made, what the intelligence services free access to the iPhone would give.

Security company Trail of Bits suggested previously that a hack was possible due to the NAND chip to copy it, but according to the FBI, this would be impossible. The research of Skorobogatov proves now to the contrary.

The FBI knew the iPhone 5C at a later time to hack. According to sources, helped the Israeli security company Cellebrite.

The hack that Skorobogatov has demonstrated would not work on newer iPhones, that are fitted with a finger print scanner. Those phones have an additional security element that spanner in the works would throw.

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