Between Strzok and meadows, a war of words after the texts tell the story of the FBI “media-leak strategy”

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Strzok texts that raise questions, the FBI’s actions

Strzok text messages mentioning a ‘media-leak strategy” against Trump. Catherine Herridge reports.

A top Republican Congressman and fired FBI agent Peter Strzok lawyer acted in a scathing parenchyma, no-holds-barred accusation of deliberate dishonesty on Tuesday, a day after newly unearthed text messages showed Strzok discussion of a “media leak strategy” with the Ministry of justice in April 2017.

The texts were first described in a letter, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N. C., to the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein on Monday. In one of the messages, dated April 10, Strzok, the former FBI lawyer, Lisa page told, “I literally had to find a way to say this phone, you I want to with you about the media leak strategy with the DOJ, before you go talk.”

In a revised letter on Tuesday, the meadows, who serves on the House Oversight Committee, writes that on April 22, Strzok texted that “article! Well the page is made.” It is unclear what article Strzok referred, or whether it is the case on the issue of Russia. In Meadows’ original letter, but he claimed that exchange occurred on April 12 — a day after The Washington Post published a story entitled “FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor the former trump adviser to Carter.”

Meadows’ revised letter also includes a comment by Strzok page on April 12, in the Strzok suggests, an article about the “namesake” would be coming soon. This was an obvious reference to page, the former trump-adviser, the FBI monitored for months after the receipt of a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court. In April 2017, there was widespread reporting on the side, his Russia-contacts, the FBI, interest in contacts, and monitoring to guarantee that is to remain secret.


According to Strzok lawyer, meadows, Wild these texts are interpreted, when he said Rosenstein, you should “lead a reasonable person to the question of whether there is a sincere desire to investigate, missing, or derogatory information in the media to justify to continue to probe.”

“The term ‘media-leak strategy’ in Mr Strzok text refers to a Department-to recognize-wide initiative and to stop leaks to the media,” Aitan Goelman, Strzok lawyer, earlier said Tuesday. “The President and his “enablers” are once again peddling baseless conspiracy theories to mislead the American people.”


But meadows made it clear Tuesday he was not buying that explanation.

“If Peter Strzok and his lawyer expect that the people do not believe that Mr Strzok you said to make contact with the various news media during his time at the FBI, after all of the documents and evidence we’ve seen, they are trying to sell a work of fiction,” Meadows. “The Americans do not buy his deception. Moreover, if in fact Mr. Strzok, an effort that led to the ‘control leaks,” as his lawyer says, it is worth noting that such an alleged effort, it was clearly a mistake. It should raise questions, if there is a serious effort at all.”


Strzok, who was one of the leading investigators in both the Hillary Clinton and Russia’s probes, was dismissed in August, according to the DOJ inspector General excoriated him for a whole series of anti-Trump SMS messages, he would be sent issued to his FBI phone, including one in which he said: “we are going to stop,” Trump from becoming President.

Carter page, has not been charged with wrongdoing. Heavily redacted documents have since shown that a dossier, written by ex-British spy, Christopher Steele, and funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign played a role in obtaining the FISA warrant to monitor him at the beginning of October 2016.

Documents have also shown that the FBI inaccurately assured the FISA court in several instances, the a Yahoo News article independent basis to monitor page, if it also relied on Steele as its source.


In its original and revised letters, meadows pointed out that The Post is reporting incorrectly set off “a flurry of articles suggesting links between President Trump and Russia.”

The leaks involved in other sale, in addition to The Washington Post, wrote meadows. FBI and DOJ officials, including DOJ Prosecutor and top Robert Müller Deputy, Andrew Weissmann, met with several Associated Press reporters in April 2017, according to court documents filed in the Virginia Federal trial of Trump’s former campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort.

Meadows, terminated by the request of written communications by FBI and DOJ officials, including Stu Evans, Mike and Joe Kortan Pientka, from June 2016 until June 2017, although he stressed that he was, suggested they act to fail.

Congress sources say, Fox News, you would expect Trump to agree soon to a long-standing desire of the house judiciary and intelligence committees to declassify more documents to justify – page-monitoring, as well as of the activities of the embattled DOJ attorney Bruce ear.

Ear contact had, in the year 2016 with Weissmann, his colleagues, as well as other high-ranking FBI officials over the controversial anti-Trump-Dossiers, and the people behind it, two sources close to the matter told Fox News.

Congressional Republicans are still trying to the end of the ear ‘ s role in the dissemination of the unaudited Steele dossier. A Republican-authored House Intelligence Committee, the memo published in February, said that Steele “contact” with the ear “fired before and after” the government of the British ex-spy as a source.

But the Republicans have said, the FBI is not revealed to the FISA court, not only the sources of funding for Steele dossier, but also the ear of the participation and the fact that his wife, Nellie, had Russia topics in connection with the merger of the GPS, the opposition research-the company behind the dossier.

Before his last closed-door testimony on Capitol Hill, the ear does not respond to Fox News’ questions, which is when the FBI or DOJ the authority may, his back-channel contact on the dossier, and whether he has a conflict of interest because his wife is at work for the Fusion of GPS.

Fox News reached the DOJ, over the ear, and will update if comment available.

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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