“Better than The Beatles’: six young rulers of hip hop

This young hiphoppers dominate the charts.

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Three twenty-somethings, according to a well-known meme ‘better than The Beatles’. Their biggest hit is called Bad and Boujee and is ‘the best song ever”, according to rapper-director, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, representing the number of teenagers in his tv series Atlanta . Migos’ latest album Culture II has the duration of a Tarantinofilm. No coincidence: with Billboard to count since some time, the streams of each number separately. The longer you plate, the more streams.

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An ex-stripster from the Bronx who have a internetcelebrity was via Instagram. Currently she is the love of Offset, one third of Migos, and the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill in 1998 to the top of the charts has been achieved: with Bodak Yellow nudged them last year Taylor swift’s Look What You Made Me Do of the throne.


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A 23-year-old ’emorapper’ from Philadelphia, are the first steps on Soundcloud, and completely broke through Spotify, where his streamingteller now already more than a billion (!) state. That he has especially to thank successingle XO Tour Llif3, showcase of last year’s debut album Luv’s Rage 2 , upon release immediately well for the number-eenpositie in the albumtop 200 of Billboard.


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‘The most likely student to become famous,” they said in the past about him at school. And see, now, the to Texas emigrated New Yorker Austin Richard Post scored last year along with 21 Savage a hit that eight weeks, one was in the USA: Rockstar. Not a randomly chosen title, because the past was Post hooked on the game Guitar Hero and he played in a metal band called Blckvrd.


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Twenty is Miles Parks McCollum, but he was already a model for one of Kanye Wests Yeezy-collections and rhymede along with Chance the Rapper. His debut album Teenage Emotions (2017), sometimes ‘the best-marketed rap album in recent memory’, full of what he himself ‘bubblegum trap’ calls.


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‘Why should we ourselves not a boysband allowed to call?” ask the fourteen lords of Brockhampton. Because little boysbands music on mental health and racism, and still less boysbands cozy at the romance store, we think. Whichever term you also paste, it will be the band and her fans, mostly core members of the internet generation, sausage creature.

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