Best Shampoos for Men

Researching and selecting the best shampoo is no more a feminine trait. Today, almost all men take good care of their hair and want to have healthy and shiny hair. Also, many men nowadays suffer from hair problems like hair fall, dandruff and gray hair at an early age.

This can be attributed to the changing lifestyle and faulty dietary habits. Due to the early appearance of these conditions, it becomes very essential for men to find a shampoo that helps them in maintaining healthy condition of hair and for treating underlying problems.

However, there are several brands of shampoos available in market and men find it difficult to make a proper choice for the best shampoos.

This article provides guidelines for selecting the best shampoos for men.

Selecting a shampoo should be based on the type of hair and the condition of scalp. The different shampoos suitable for different types of hair and scalp are given below:

  • Normal hair: Men with normal hair and scalp can use any shampoo available in the market meant for normal hair. These shampoos are very gentle and do not strip natural oil from scalp and hair. They help in maintaining normal levels of oiliness of scalp and prevent excessive dryness of scalp. Men with normal hair should not try to use shampoos meant for dry scalp or oily scalp as it can lead to increased oiliness or dryness of scalp, respectively.
  • Oily scalp: Men having an oily scalp and hair should use shampoos containing cleansers. These shampoos help in removing as much oil from the scalp as possible and help in maintaining the normal oiliness of scalp.
  • Dry scalp: The best shampoos for men having dry hair and scalp are moisturizing shampoos. These shampoos are specially formulated to increase the amount of moisture in the scalp and hair. These shampoos prevent the scalp from drying; hence; conditions like dandruff that arise due to dry scalp can be avoided with the help of these shampoos. Use of these shampoos should be done 3-4 times in a week in summer. However, its use should be increased to almost everyday in winter days as the dryness of scalp is worse in this season. These shampoos are also useful for men with gray hair. The moisturizing property of these shampoos provides good nourishment to the hair roots and can reduce the problem of graying of hair to some extent.
  • Excessive dandruff: Men who suffer from excessive dandruff should use shampoos specifically meant to prevent dandruff. These shampoos are formulated to prevent flaking of skin of scalp that occurs in dandruff. These shampoos also prevent itching of scalp caused by dandruff. Use of good moisturizer along with it can help in enhancing the effects of dandruff shampoos. Men should also use a good conditioner regularly to prevent drying of scalp. When patients begin using any new dandruff shampoo, they should use it every alternate day with occasional use of a good moisturizing shampoo.
  • Hair loss: Many men suffer from excessive hair fall at an early age. Men having hair fall should use shampoos containing glycerin. These shampoos are also called volumizing shampoos. The glycerin content of these shampoos help in retaining water that leads to lifting of cuticles of hair. This, in turn, causes swelling of hair strands, giving an appearance of increase in volume to hair. Hair cuticles are shingle like hard layers that resemble scales of fish under magnification. These shingles lie flat under normal circumstances. Volumizing shampoos make the cuticles to open up leading to swelling of shaft of hair. This makes the hair appear thicker. However, excessive use of these shampoos makes the hair more vulnerable. Hence, use of good conditioner along with these shampoos is necessary to prevent breaking of hair.
  • Special conditions: Men using excessive hair styling products should use clarifying shampoos that have high acid content. These shampoos are formulated to remove the build up of hair styling products from the scalp and hair. These shampoos are also suitable for swimmers to remove the chemicals from the pool water that have accumulated in the hair. However, use of these shampoos should be restricted to one time in a month as increased acid content of these shampoos may add to dryness of hair and cause damage to hair and scalp.

Use of appropriate shampoo for the specific hair type along with proper care of hair can help in giving healthy hair to men.

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