Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Before getting a haircut, you should definitely discuss your face shape with your hairstylist. This is because some haircuts look better on people with certain shaped faces than others do.

No matter what shape your face is, there are hundreds of different haircuts to choose from that will definitely accentuate the positive and enhance your natural beauty. Whether you have a round, oval, square, oblong or heart-shaped face, you will find the perfect haircut for your face type.

The Best Haircut For People With Round Faces

If you have a round face, then you definitely want to choose a haircut that is suitable for a round-shaped face. People with round faces have so many different options. It is always important to remember that what works for one face shape does not always work for another. This is especially true with round faces. People who have round faces can wear their hair long, but experts recommend that people who have round faces always have their hair layered. To look good, it is always important to get a haircut that enhances what you have and brings out the best in you. For the most desirable look, you should choose a haircut that has layered bangs or is layered throughout.

The Best Haircut For People With Oval Faces

People with oval faces have the most flexibility when it comes to choosing the best haircut. Even though people with an oval face have more options when it comes to hairstyles, there are cuts that people with oval-shaped faces should never wear. People with oval faces who have thicker curly hair should make sure they have their hair layered and avoid wearing a blunt cut. In addition, people with oval faces should avoid hairstyles that make their faces look longer. For people with oval faces, it is important to get a haircut that that accentuates the positive and highlights all of their exceptional facial characteristics.

The Best Haircut For People With Square Faces

To look good day in and day out, people with square faces should make sure they get a haircut that is a perfect match for their face type. People with a square-shaped face have to get a haircut that draws attention away from their square jaw. To look their very best, people with a square-shaped face should absolutely make certain that they keep their hair at a medium or long length. People with a square face should steer clear from short hairstyles because short haircuts draw attention and accentuate the jaw.

The Best Haircut For People With Oblong Faces

People with oblong faces must choose a haircut that does not make their face look longer. For the best look, people with oblong faces may want to consider a shorter hair length. If a person with an oblong face prefers to wear their hair long, they must make sure their hairstylist always gives them bangs. The bangs can be cut straight across or can be worn in a side sweeping style. To look good, people with an oblong face should make sure their bangs frame their face in a way that makes their face appear a bit shorter. Bangs that are styled correctly will make a person with an oblong face look wonderful.

The Best Haircut For People With Heart-Shaped Faces

People with heart-shaped faces look very good in short haircuts, but they have to make sure they never choose a cut with heavy straight bangs that are cut straight across. Heavy and straight cut bangs do not accentuate the positive. Instead, people with heart-shaped faces should always make sure they wear wispy side-swept bangs, so the emphasis is on their entire face. People with heart-shaped faces look best in shorter haircuts, but they can also wear their hair in longer hairstyles. If a long hairstyle is worn, people with a heart-shaped face should make sure their hairstylist frames their face with layers.

For the best haircut for your face shape, you should take the time to discuss your options with a hairstylist that knows everything about matching hairstyles and face shapes. Since everyone has their own facial characteristics, it is always important to choose a haircut that will look great on you.

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