Best 4K Tvs to Buy

With the prices falling, and 4K content options expand, and features such as high-dynamic range (HDR) is becoming more common, that you may be looking for a 4K TV this year. A number of the top artists of our reviews are listed below (including some of the 2015 models, which present great bargains.)

One of the best 4K Tv’s, you will find two fundamental technology: LED LCD sets and OLED sets. The Oled’s topped our ratings last year in the larger screen sizes, and managed the same feat again this year. Without getting into the physics, they can deliver a truly stunning image for a part because they do a great job of displaying the darkest parts of an image. But now is the LG is the only brand that make OLED Tv’s, and they remain relatively expensive in comparison with most other LCD-based sets of the same size.

But those prices are going to fall. The best 55-inch 4K TV in our ratings—the LG OLED55E6P described below—is now sold for $2,500. Two months ago, it was $4,000. The 55-inch B6 model listed below is currently selling for $2,000, a thousand dollars less than a few months ago.

That said, the vast majority of 4K Tvs sold this year will be the LED-LCD models—and you can find some highly rated options for less than $1,000. The better LCD sets do a good job with black levels. Maybe not as good as an OLED TV, but in the neighborhood. On the other hand, they tend to be brighter. And that is good if you tend to watch television in a well lit room.

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Before you decide on an LCD-based model, though, you should check out the viewing angle, especially if you plan to watch TV with family or friends To the many sets, the picture looks its best only when viewed head on.


Best TV
You would be hard pressed to find a TV better than these 65-inch 4K OLED UHD TV from LG, in the company’s flagship “Signature” G6 series. We recently named the “Best TV of 2016.” As you would expect, and has an excellent high-definition picture and excellent UHD performance, and like all OLED Tv’s it has an unlimited viewing angle. Another advantage: It has a very good sound—one of the best we heard this year—thanks to the sound bar-style speaker system integrated in the stand. It is a 3D model with very good 3D performance. The TV, which has LG’s “picture on glass” slim design, supports both HDR10, and Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) technology, and is capable of a wider range of colors than the regular sets. This model has four HDMI inputs and three USB ports.


Best 55-Inch Set
As one of the best sets we’ve ever tested, the LG 55OLEDE6P offers excellent high-definition picture and excellent ultra high definition (UHD) performance. Like all OLED Tv’s, has an almost unlimited viewing angle. And the sound of the built-in loudspeaker speaker is very good. This TV is also one of the few models with very good 3D performance. It supports high-dynamic range (HDR) technology—which maximizes the contrast between the lightest and darkest parts of an image—in both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards, and is capable of a wider range of colors than the regular sets. It is equipped with LG’s updated webOS 3.0 smart TV platform, including a new Magic Motion remote control. The best news: The vignetting problem we saw last year and that Oled seems to have disappeared.

Samsung UN65KS9800

The best LCD/LED TV
This 65-inch LED-LCD-based 4K UHD TV–the flagship model of Samsung’s SUHD line-up for 2016–delivers excellent high-definition picture quality and excellent UHD performance. The TV, a curved screen model, also has very good motion-blur reduction and sound. This model is only the Samsung series this year for the use of a full-array LED backlight with local dimming, and it was able to produce very deep black levels for an LCD TV. Like other Samsung SUHD Tvs this year, and this model provides the Ultra HD designation for 4K Tvs, which makes it capable of hitting the Ultra HD Alliance specs for brightness and color. The TV supports the open HDR10 high dynamic range by default, and has a 10-bit color processing and quantum-dot technology for the production of a wider range of colors. The TV is equipped with smart remote with a built-in microphone for voice searches, and the ability to almost any other device in your system, including cable/satellite boxes. The TV is equipped with four HDMI inputs, plus two USB ports.


Best TV If You have a Sound Bar
This 55-inch-4K-OLED-TV displays the E6P model a run for its money, but the sound is not so good. You get excellent high-definition picture and excellent UHD performance, plus a lower price. (Do not expect the 3D capability, but also.) The LG OLED55B6P supports both HDR standards. And like many other LG OLED Tv’s this year, it is the state of the store of the Ultra HD Alliance specs for brightness and color. Other features include LG’s updated webOS 3.0 smart TV platform, four HDMI inputs and three USB ports.

Samsung UN55KS8000

Best 4K TV Under $1000
We have seen this 4K UHD TV, 55-inch LED-LCD on the basis of a 4K model in Samsung’s mid-tier non-SUHD line, for about $800 recently. Despite the relatively low price, it delivers outstanding UHD and high definition image quality. Although the TV, which features a curved screen is “Motion Rate 120 anti-blur technology, the gray of the image too much so we switched off, so the TV was blurring on some fast moving scenes. The set has an edge-based LED backlighting with local dimming. Just like other Samsung models this year, the TV has the ability to almost any other device in your system, including cable/satellite boxes connected to an HDMI input. The TV is equipped with three HDMI inputs and two USB ports.

LG 60UH8500

Large 4K SCREEN If 3D Still of interest
This 60-inch set delivers an excellent HD and UHD picture quality, plus a larger-than-average viewing angle of an LCD TV. It is not only a good job with 3D, but also comes with two glasses. The LG 60UH8500 supports both HDR standards, and includes technology to reproduce a wider range of colors. Other features include LG’s webOS 3.0 smart TV platform, the new Magic Motion remote control, and a zoom function you can enlarge a scene on the TV simply by pressing a button on the remote control.

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