Bespoke Semenya hit by ‘incorrect’ statements IAAF president, Coe

Caster Semenya has Wednesday taken to chairman Sebastian Coe of the international association of athletics. The much talked about athlete, with the IAAF embroiled in a lingering legal case, denounces the statements that the Brit recently did in Australian media.

Semenya is already almost a year in the battle with the IAAF, that in the spring of 2018 decided that female athletes with high testosterone levels mandatory to have to take medication.

The South African is one of the athletes who have too much testosterone to create, and without the use of medication are not more competitions would be allowed to participate.

The 28-year-old Semenya went to the international sporttribunaal CAS to the new rule and to fight. That case, filed on Monday, February 18, but the CAS will only be in april issue.

Coe stressed Sunday in an interview with the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the importance of separation between men and women.

“If we are men and women together in competitions participate, then it will never happen that a woman wins the match or is a record breaking in athletics”, referred to by the Coe on the issue surrounding Semenya, who, according to him, due to her high testosterone levels are disproportionate to the advantage against other women.

IAAF president Sebastian Coe. ()

‘Semenya is not a danger to the vrouwensport’

The words of Coe shots going down the wrong way of Semenya, who, through her lawyers let know hit hard. “The scars that Semenya has suffered in the last few years are deep. The comments of mr. Coe to have this opening that wound again,” as in the declaration.

“He has it completely wrong if he thinks that Semenya is a danger for the vrouwensport. She was born as a woman, grew up as a woman and has her whole life races as a woman. Semenya is a role model and a source of inspiration.”

The new rule about DSD (Differences of Sexual Development) applies only for the medium distances and the hurdles, but the IAAF has always denied that the rule purely because of Semenya is set.

The South African is two-time olympic champion in the 800 meters (2012 and 2016) and picked up at that distance also three world titles.

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