Besieged Venezuelan president Maduro wants the new constitution

Besieged Venezuelan president Maduro wants the new constitution

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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro (54) wants a new constitution in an attempt to stay in power in his bankrupt country. Despite his unpopularity, the collapsed economy, increasing violence and mass protests against the government, what to expect Maduro to be plush.

In the more than thirty million inhabitants, storey country, that is only 30 kilometers from the island of Aruba is located, there is a lack of almost everything, including food and medicine. The money, the currency is bolivar, it is worthless by an inflation rate of 800 percent (2016) and the gross domestic product shrank last year by 19 percent.

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday warned that it is better not to Venezuela, if that is not strictly necessary. The mismanagement hollowed oliestaat Venezuela threatens with or without Maduro’s new constitution rapidly into an anarchy due to expire.

It is hard to imagine that this country has huge oil reserves rest and rather the richest of the continent.


The crime is extremely murderous, but also the protests and the armed resistance groups, the ‘colectivos’, that Maduro bet, are becoming more violent. And by acute shortages of everything, save the protests quickly into looting. In many places the country seems at war with smoldering or burning blockages that masked blackmailers streets block and burnt out shops.

Maduro has been around since 2015 is no majority anymore in parliament that he is therefore out of the game. He wants, he now, in July, a ‘constituent assembly’. He said Tuesday that in december also elections in the länder. The opposition sees in Maduro’s plan a trick to the parliament to lift and a dictatorship established. It would not be his first legal trick with this goal in mind.


Or Maduro and his cronies in the army and the state apparatus has been able to maintain in the current chaos, is unclear. According to some estimates, only 25 percent of the population is a follower of the left-wing movement with the populist Hugo Chávez (1954-2013) in 1999 came to power.

In the days of high oil prices could the money not on. Chávez ruled the country for fourteen years. And despite the damage that his economic mismanagement caused in the production of the country, he could with petro-dollars continue to be strewn. His charisma and dollars made him abroad as a popular figure, especially countries that he oil gift did. He died in 2013.

His successor Maduro would be not only his charisma, but also the petro-dollars are missing which are needed to Chávez’ heirs in the saddle.

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