Bernie Sanders wins the widow of Nevada, with a large lead

John, Bernie Sanders has of convincing the caucus in Nevada, won the president’s widow for the Democratic y. After 50% of the votes were counted , it turned out that the senator from Vermont, 46,6 per cent of the delegates behind him, and he seems to have no longer in to get.

The former vice-president, Joe Biden, state, and 21 per cent of the delegates at the distance of a second one. Pete Buttigieg, who is in the caucus, Iowa, won in Nevada, up to now, about 15 percent of the votes. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s take, with more than 9 percent in the fourth spot.

Biden draws much of his second, after disappointing results in Iowa and New Hampshire. “The media has been quick to kill someone, to explain it, but we are very much alive and well, we’re back and we’re going to win,” said Biden, during a speech in Las Vegas has to offer.

He has the momentum

For He is the widow in a row, he will win in New Hampshire. In Iowa, he was second, right behind Buttigieg. Thus, He, at this time, for the best paper in november against the Republican president by Donald Trump.

On the 29th of February, in the state of South Carolina, the next primary will be held. And then hope that the candidates have a major victory on march 3, during the Super Tuesday. Then go to the voters in fifteen states, and their support for their Democratic candidate. Then and only then, add also the presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is in the battle.

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The Caucus is better controlled than it is in Iowa, but is now delayed

At more than 250 locations in the state of Nevada, came to the Democratic voters together in person for their support for a candidate to pass. The caucus went more smoothly than had previously been in Iowa, which is the result of a technical problem and a week later it was.

But in Nevada, it was not an easy job to do. The confusion over the rules, incorrect calculation, and a delay in the transmission of the results, there are also the now. Within the Democratic party, more and more people suggested that this type of caucus meetings and, in the future, in favour of a conventional vote.

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