Bernie Sanders staff address the “rape culture’ during the 2016 campaign: report

FILE 2018, photo, sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., talks about his new book, ‘Where do We Go from Here: Two years in the resistance’ in Washington. (AP)

More than two dozen people, the Bernie Sanders’ 2016 worked on the campaign have said for a meeting with the senator and his top aides — that there has been talk in the past weeks was about a “rape culture”, while he was running.

The former employee sent Sanders and his principal campaign Committee of a letter that was published on the Internet Sunday by POLITICO, citing an “untenable and dangerous dynamic” that they hope to “pre-empt” in the “coming presidential cycle.”

The men and women asked not to meet in person “on the subject of sexual violence and harassment” — to describe specific incidents and allegations.


“In the past few weeks, there has been a constant conversation on social media, in texts and in person, about the unsustainable and dangerous dynamic that is said during our campaign,” your letter. “We have to mitigate the signed request a meeting with Senator Sanders and his leadership team … for the purpose of planning the issue in the upcoming presidential cycle, both in the primary and potential Federal election campaigns for 2019 and 2020.”

Specifically, the employees said they hope that “a follow-up plan for the implementation of specific sexual harassment policies and procedures.”

“It is critically important that Senator Sanders to participate in this meeting, to understand the full extent of the problem beginning in 2016 and how the campaign plans to move forward,” her letter continued.

Some of the signatories told POLITICO that they hope that the planned meeting would not be the long-standing “Bernie Bro” argument strengths, but serve as a leading example of what campaigns should be movement in the Wake of the #MeToo -.

“This letter is just a start,” explained an organizer. “We deal with what happened to the Bernie campaign, but as people who work in this space, we will see that all of the campaigns are extremely dangerous for women and marginalized people, and we try to fix that.”

The signatories, who passed language to POLITICALLY ensure that your call to action, was not only Sanders, but the senator’s campaign Committee welcomed it anyway.

“We would like to thank the signatories of the letter for your willingness to participate in this incredibly important discussion,” it said in the answer. “We are always looking forward to hear the experiences and opinions of our former employee. We also appreciate your right to come to us, in its own way as their secrets and privacy will be respected. And we honor this principle with respect to these private letter.”

This story was originally published by the New York Post.

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