Bernie Sanders says the Boston Marathon bomber, consent to sexual assaulters should be allowed

nearvideo Chris Stirewalt: Bernie Sanders is the clear democratic presidential frontrunner

If Joe Biden decides, the 2020 race for the White house it will be a counterweight to Bernie Sanders, says Fox News-politics-editor-in-chief Chris Stirewalt.

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday defended his attitude to the granting of voting rights to criminals in prison, including the Boston-Marathon-bomber and a convicted sexual assaulters.

During a CNN town hall on Monday morning, Harvard student, Anne Carl stone asked whether his position enfranchising people would support, such as the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the note, is sentenced to a “convicted terrorist and murderer,” as well as those of “sexual assault,” whose votes would have a “direct impact on the rights of women.”

Sanders first responded by saying that he wanted a “vibrant democracy” with “higher turnout” and blasted the “cowardly Republican governors,” he said, “to suppress the vote to try.”

The Vermont senator argued that the Constitution says, “everyone can rate” and that “some people can vote in prison.”


“If someone is a serious crime – sexual assault, commits murder, they are punished are gonna. You can live in prison for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole. The is developed what happens if you commit a serious crime,” Sanders.

“But, I think, the right to vote is an integral part of our democracy. Yes, even for terrible people, because as soon as you start chipping away, and you say, ‘this guy committed a terrible crime, not gonna let him vote. Well, the person who did it. Not gonna let that person voice,’ you run down a slippery slope. So, I think that people who commit the crime, you pay the price. If you are out of prison, I think you certainly should have the right to vote, but I think that even if you are in jail, you pay your price for the company, but should you do not take their inherent American right to participate in our democracy.”



CNN anchor Chris Cuomo pressed the Democrats ” leader, asks him if he is “safe”, since he was effectively “written objection ad.” Sanders dismissed such concerns, saying he had written on it: “many of the 30-seconds-opposition-view” in his life.

“This is what I think. Do you believe in democracy? Do you believe that every single American who is 18 years of age or older, an American citizen has the right to choose?” Sanders. “This is a democracy. We have to expand the democracy and I believe that every single person has the right to choose.”

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