Bernie Sanders is to the lightning rod, the at CPAC as the trump soldiers to start a war against socialism

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CPAC speaker target sen Bernie Sanders, socialism and the rest of the 2020 Democrat field at the annual conservative Convention; Doug McKelway reports from National Harbor, Maryland.

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — This week, the Conservative Political Action conference made it clear that the Republicans are their political enemy image for the year 2020-and it is the person who may for the Democrats “bona fide” candidate.

The theme at the annual conservative gathering just outside Washington was “America vs. socialism” and, by extension, the rhetoric turned again and again back to the democratic socialist sen Bernie Sanders.


“You don’t feel the Bern-there’s no ‘berning’ here!” American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, who joked the chair of CPAC, the audience on Friday.

The conservative narrative for the 2020 Federal election campaign was set in the plush ambience of the Gaylord resort on the Potomac, on the outskirts of the capital. Whether or not Sanders — the current Democratic presidential primary front-runner is the party’s nominee or not, the big-government policies that he is now the President of Trump and his allies are executed.

“There is a tremendous opportunity, especially with the likelihood of Bernie Sanders on the ticket, we can’t take it for granted,” former GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Fox News. “But if we do it right, we can move, not only the personality of the policy to a real difference between socialism and freedom. This is really the choice that voters have.”


Speaker after speaker at CPAC described the Republicans as a war on socialism, and a campaign for freedom and democracy—as they began to make the case for a second term for Trump, the the event will close with a speech on Saturday.

“Socialism is shit,” trump campaign consultant Mercedes Limp said on Thursday, warning that the Republicans need to stop its spread.”

Turning point USA founder Charlie Kirk told Fox News that Sanders’ presidency is “deadly serious.”

“We are closing a candidate at our own peril,” said Kirk.

Vice-President Mike Pence said at the CPAC on Thursday that “elections, elections”, while saying that the 2020 race will give voters the choice between socialism and freedom.

“The choice was never clearer, the stakes have never been higher,” Pence. “Men and women of the CPAC, we have work to do. The truth is, it is enough to the next election win. We have to win the next generation.”

“Freedom works. Socialism is not,” he added.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, also boldly predicted that the Democrats lose the majority in the house of representatives this cycle with Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket.

“The Democrats have surrendered to the socialists,” McCarthy told Fox News on the sidelines of the CPAC. “There is a reason to nominate why Bernie Sanders is their candidate and that’s because this is no longer the Democratic party is a socialist democratic party.”

“The Democrats are going to nominate who you think best represents”, he says. “And I think, as is now the socialist Democratic party, Bernie your person that represents you best.”

Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, the Democratic presidential primary field in the delegate count and national polling, prompting warnings from party members and, above all, his nomination rival, that he violated the party ballot to the bottom, if nominated.

Asked what would happen if the democratic party is trying to take the democratic nomination away from Sanders, I-Vt., at the convention of the Republican National Committee Chairman, Ronna McDaniel, during a panel at CPAC said: “I don’t know how you can do it without a civil war in their party.”

She added: “But boy, is it fun to watch?”

Sanders, however, argues that his message, the government-funded healthcare for all and drastically expanded benefits, education and much more resonates with much of the country. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., also argued that such a “progressive” is spreading a message widely, while in the case, that you will achieve a better choice to it.

In the democratic nomination race, Sanders is win so far: He lost the final delegate count in Iowa to Buttigieg, but essentially, bind the parliamentary parties themselves, while the gain in New Hampshire and Nevada. He threatens to build a huge delegate lead over his rivals, he should be able to carry that momentum into South Carolina this weekend and Super Tuesday next week.

According to the latest real clear politics average for the South Carolina primary, former Vice-President Joe Biden leads with a double digits at 34.3 percent of the vote — after a lackluster performance in Iowa and New Hampshire, and a distant second in Nevada. Sanders is currently polling in second place with 22.3 percent.

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