Bernie Sanders calls for the elimination of all medical debts in South Carolina event

nearvideo-Bernie Sanders teases plan to eliminate medical debt.

Bernie Sanders speaks to reporters after a town hall.

Democratic presidential candidate sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to eliminate an audience in South Carolina said on Friday that he is working on legislation, “medical debt in this country.”

Sanders made the remark during a question-and-answer session after a town hall meeting in Florence about “Medicare for All.” A female participant stated Sanders, that you make enough money for ObamaCare and has a large amount of medical debt that is not covered by the insurance.

When the woman asked Sanders if he had a plan, the self-described democratic socialist said to her: “In another piece of legislation, which we offer, we are gonna eliminate medical debt in this country.”

The Sanders campaign confirmed to Fox News that the proposal was new, but the details were sketchy.


“We are introducing legislation that would said at the end of all of the medical debt in this country,” Sanders told reporters as he left the town hall. “The bottom line is, it is an insane and cruel system that tells people that you have to go deep into debt or go bankrupt, because of what? Since they came up with cancer or they came up with heart disease or you came down with Alzheimer’s, or whatever …

“In the middle of a dysfunctional health care system, we need to tell the people that they go bankrupt or end up in financial duress,” Sanders added. “This is cruel and something we’ ve gotta. This is something we are working on and that we imagine.”

Sanders has long announced his “Medicare for All” proposal, which would replace job-based and individual private health insurance a government-run plan that guarantees coverage for all with no premiums, deductibles and minimal copays for certain services. Health care is a Central issue in South Carolina, the Republican-led countries that turned down Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.


Sanders’ legislation is not new revenue to specify, but provides a separate list of “options”, include, among other things, higher taxes for the rich, corporations and employers, while promising the middle class a better.

“You are going to pay more in taxes,” Sanders said on Friday to ask a man how he would benefit from Medicare for All, if the employer currently pays for most of its premiums. “But at the end of the day, you are going to pay less for health care than they are now. It will be comprehensive.”


The healthcare industry has? a favorite whipping boy for Sanders, who told his audience on Friday: “Thirty years from now your children and your grandchildren will ask you was it really true That there are people in America who could not go to the doctor, if you wanted to? Was it really true that people went bankrupt because they could not pay their health care bills? And you have to tell them, ‘Yes, it was.’ But together, we are going to end the obscenity and we go to the end of it in the next few years.”

The new proposal is not the only debt that Sanders has called for the cancellation. He has freely repeated for the elimination of $1.6 trillion dollars in student loan debt, and as the call for the public school and universities, study fees.

According to the real clear politics polling average, Sanders is the second choice of Democrats nationwide, 17.1 percent of the vote. The former Vice-President Joe Biden holds a comfortable lead with 28.9 percent support, while Elizabeth Warren Sanders third place with 16.5 percent approval is only close behind.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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