Ben Shapiro speaks at UConn, denounces the prejudice against the conservatives



Ben Shapiro: Conservatives being censored in the name of safety

Conservative commentator weighs in on “The Ingraham Angle” after to speak at UConn.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro delivered his long-awaited speech at the University of Connecticut Wednesday night — and sharp criticism of the school for the implementation of a list of restrictions make it more difficult for people to look at.

“There is something to be done about a system where a few deranged members of the decide that they don’t want to hear somebody speak-and therefore people from outside who pay taxes to the universities if they can’t get in,” Shapiro told the audience..

He sarcastically added that no one need to try the grab of his speech, because he provided one under each seat. Shapiro comes to a 28 November 2017 incident at UConn when someone seized paperwork from the pulpit of the conservative commentator Lucian Wintrich, inciting an altercation. Wintrich was being led away by the police and released on bail, bringing a sudden end to his event called ‘ It’s OK to Be White.”

Speaking on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham “The Ingraham Angle,” Shapiro told the university to prevent more people from attending the event and the “number of persons allowed in a limited” to about the 500 seats in the room.

He also said that he was told by the College Republicans that an additional 500-600 people were out trying to attend.

Shapiro said that his case was closed to the public by the university, despite other speeches last week open for the public.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to speak at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Conn., on the 24th of January.

A student’s introduction of Shapiro was asked to read a statement from the university, saying UConn is considered as the freedom of expression is a core value, adding that everyone should be able “to speak without interruption.”

Once on stage, Shapiro poked fun at the idea that the university felt the need to read a “disclaimer.” When a student is asked to take a selfie with him, he joked that it’s not him, because the university is responsible for the provision of strict security measures.

An event for the left was also held at the same time as Shapiro’s speech.

“I think it’s a kind of wonderful by the way in which the left is so afraid of an open discussion, that they are scheduled for an event in the exact same time,” Shapiro responded, adding that he would like to be left-leaning students to come to his because he “would rather speak with the people with whom I disagree… because discussions are very useful.”

Last month the university also sent out an e-mail alerting students about Shapiro’s speech, adding that counselling would be available.

Students seemed to act with respect for the conservative speaker Wednesday night, both during his speech and the Q&A portion of the event.

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