Ben & Jerry’s against prejudice in various forms of sexuality

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s launched in the period of time for Valentine’s day a new ice cream to honor love. Love between all people, regardless of their sexual identity. “Everyone can do something to prejudice and hate to let it melt,” said Ben & Jerry’s.

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Ben & Jerry’s launched not only the new pint, Hooked On You, but also a new campaign with which the brand itself again as a socially-engaged on the card. This time, the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queers and intersex central. That might seem a brave choice for a Dutch company, but there is definitely still a lot of work to be done, says the ice cream producer: “The general attitude in the Netherlands is that it is ok to be gay, as long as it is not too close. We call this also be the Dutch paradox or schijntolerantie.”

Love comes in all flavors

In the announcement of the new campaign is called Ben & Jerry’s different painful figures that the existence of that schijntolerantie bars: so would one in four Dutch students a friendship break if they discover that their friend is gay, 40% of the Dutch people, it is unacceptable if a homosexual couple coast in the public (compared to 13% among heterosexual couples) and gives a three-to bother to have two men hand in hand walking. All those convictions leave their mark: LHBTQIA-ers are more likely to have psychosomatic complaints, and 20% have already attempted suicide undergo.

It is therefore high time to take action, according to the icecream brand. It calls to anyone who is of ice cream (who doesn’t?) to be a better ally to people with an other than heterosexual sexual orientation. It does so even more with some concrete tips about what you can do and with a great action on social media. Love comes in all flavors.

About that ice cream cone still: Hooked On You is a new name, but no new taste. Insiders know it as the Phish Food ice cream, with marshmallows, choco-fish, and swirls. (EK)

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