Bella Thorne secrets: 6 things you didn’t know about the former Disney star

Here is the reason why Bella Thorne is not your run of the mill post-Disney stars.


In a similar form of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne completely reinvented herself since her days as a Disney Channel star.

The 20-year-old includes a raunchy presence on social media, which clearly contrasts her vibrant character in her breakout role in the 2010 sitcom “Shake It Up.”

Thorne sees her comparisons with other former Disney Channel stars to be ill founded, and rightly so.

“I don’t think, ‘Well, Miley went this way, and Selena went that way, so I’m in the middle,” Brooke told Billboard in an interview on her eventual debut album in 2014. “You can call me whatever, if you like me or not like me. I really don’t care.”

Against the hairs of her expectations, she went on to delete the album, she says that she never wanted to be a singer. This decision is a testament of her other direction, which she continues to express through her huge social media following.

For a sophisticated look at Thorne, we have rounded to six unique facts that are sure to set her apart.

1. Working her whole life

She was 12 when she began with “Shake It Up”, but the starlet was first in the biz when she was just six weeks old, as a model. She has been in various commercials as a child and small roles in the HBO series “Big Love” and “Entourage.” Her work to secure financial stability for her family, says her role in “Shake It Up” kept her family off the streets.

2. Her transformation from “Shake It Up”

For a show about dancing, She was, perhaps, without reservation. She only started dancing when she was cast for the show, she told MTV. Despite the fact that no interest in singing, she released a number of songs through the show. They even had to manipulate her voice to a higher tone, which executives believed would better cater to a young audience.

3. Her deceased father

Reinaldo Thorne died when she was 9 years old in a motorcycle accident. As a result, She avoided learning how to drive. She didn’t have a licence at the time she got to her car. If Reinaldo was Cuban, she spoke Spanish as her first language.

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4. The impact of social media

Thorne had $200 in her bank account when she turned 18, she revealed in a documentary with the title “In the Life of Bella Thorne,” filmed for Vogue. Almost a year later, she bought a house in Los Angeles thanks to her social media revenue. She revealed she makes $ 65,000 per Instagram post.

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5. She Is bisexual?

“Yes,” She simply replied to a tweet in 2016. Fans welcomed this news with open arms and she has since thanked them.

6. Her education

Just like her character on “Shake It Up,” Thorne faced the same pedagogical problems in reality. She is dyslexic, both on the show and in reality, and her education suffered. Her mother pulled her out of school in the third grade because of her dyslexia and she was homeschooled from there on out. They learned to read mostly by reading the scripts on “Shake It Up.” Despite the disorder, they are published in a series of three novels.

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