Belgium test new oral polio vaccine in Dutch

Belgium test new oral polio vaccine in Dutch

Photo: AFP

Fifteen Dutch subjects from Monday for a month in quarantine on the premises of the University Hospital of Antwerp (UZA) to a vaccine against polio testing. The university has for the project, a village of 66 containers built.

There, you can find a gym and a relaxation area. The participants may also simply call or skype to family or friends.

Thanks to vaccination is polio any more in the world. Problem with the current oral vaccine, where the virus is attenuated but is still alive, is that the one in the million of cases polio caused. For this reason, the researchers a safer vaccine design.

In the Netherlands for decades vaccinated with a single injection. The virus lives no more and is completely safe. But in developing countries it is typically the oral vaccine used. That is cheaper and easier to serve.


The researchers had test subjects needed that as a child the injection. Belgium got there later than the Netherlands, therefore, specifically sought to Dutch.

The subjects in the containerdorp a new weakened version of the poliovirus vaccinated. That provides, according to the researchers, no risk for them. However, it must at all costs be avoided that the virus in the environment, for example through human contact.

Therefore, the subjects in quarantine. They gain for their participation approximately 8,500 euros paid in. It is intended that at the beginning of the summer fifteen persons allow themselves to be locked up in the containerdorp.

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