Belgians may weed killer glyphosate no longer use

Belgians may weed killer glyphosate no longer use

Belgian individuals may, the controversial weed killer, glyphosate cannot be used anymore. The federal government wants the sale of the drug is not, however, prohibit.

The federal Belgian government is waiting for an opinion from the European Commission on the issue.

The Belgian ban on the use, is set up at the initiative of minister Joke Schauvliege from the Environment and Agriculture, report Flemish media. She has almost created with the legislation then would be proven that the American company Monsanto studies would have affected to prevent the weed killer, the designation “carcinogen”.

Against pesticides glyphosate contain, such as using Roundup, is a lot of protest because of the risks to health and the environment, which some studies show.

European licence

The European Commission wants the authorization for the use of the means with ten-year extend. EU commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis (Health and food safety) recently said that there are no scientific arguments as to why not to do that.

The world health organization had previously decided that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic, but the European voedselveiligheidwaakhond EFSA and the agency for Chemical Substances (ECHA) concluded that it is not.


Can glyphosate cause severe eye damage and is toxic for all life in the water. It is also the opinion issued that the means as little as possible in public parks and playgrounds should be used.

The European Commission decided last summer to a temporary renewal of the authorisation for glyphosate because the experts of the member states could not agree on a ban. Bending is expected to occur next month on a new extension. The licence expires at the end of this year, so then there must be a decision.

Citizens ‘ initiative

More than a million Europeans have a citizens ‘ initiative signed a ban on herbicides containing glyphosate. That was done in a record time of less than five months. The European Commission is a citizens ‘ initiative formally in treatment is to take in at least seven EU member states, a total of 1 million statements of support.

The netherlands is against a ban on glyphosate, but states that the licence for the drug must be withdrawn if it finally turns out that it causes cancer. Several garden centres have the means withdrawn from the sale.

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