Belgian startup makes 3D printed sunglasses plastic waste

Waste is only waste if you waste it and not think about a new life. The startup w.r.yuma wants to inspire people to look differently at waste and makes sunglasses with the help of plastic waste and a 3D printer.

w.r.yuma © wryuma

With the help of 3D print technology and gerecylceerde dashboards, PET bottles and refrigerators makes the startup ” w.r.yuma’ – referred to as the sunniest place on earth, Yuma – stylish sunglasses. “If we’re not a smart solution for our plastic waste, there will be in 2050, more plastic in the oceans than fish’, says 33-year-old engineer Sebastian, the founder of w.r.yuma.

The young brand started a Kickstarter campaign, which already on the first day of the launch, 130% of its doelbedrag has picked up. Stylish glasses with a good story and a sustainable solution are apparently a gap in the market.


Special edition in soda white © w.r.yuma

“Our vision is a world in which waste does not exist’, says the founder of w.r.yuma. ‘Our sunglasses are not only from recycled waste, but they are thanks to 3D print technology is also capable of being disassembled so that they easily can be recycled.’ That way, they are a good example of how the circular economy can provide a solution for the polluting factor of the fashion industry.

The zonnebrillenmerk works for the plastic waste for the eyeglass frames together with Better Future Factory in Rotterdam, which is recycled autodashboards, PET bottles and refrigerators, re-melting to sustainable 3D printer ink. Also the Brussels start-up Tridea provides 3D printer ink from recycled PET bottles.


In addition to a stylish accessory to offer, in a sustainable way was made, wants to w.r.yuma is also a gespreksopener forms. “We know that our sunglasses the world can not change, but the people who wear them can do’, it sounds hopeful.

© w.r.yuma

“The problem of plastic waste has never been so urgent as now.’ It is also expected that in the next twenty years our plastic production will double.

The plastic soup is only larger if we are not innovative and drastic changes.

Interested in a 3D printed glasses by w.r.yuma? The first buyers get a 30% discount and pay 67 euros. Order your copy via Kickstarter.

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