Belgian quinoa in the super market racks

Fans of quinoa and of the environment need not fight more fight it out in the store, now, Colruyt, as the first retailer with quinoa from our own soil.

Salad with quinoa, corn, olives and cilantro © Getty Images/iStockphoto

Quinoa is already for centuries been grown in South America, and since a few years, there are pilot projects in Belgium. That proved to be successful: Boni Selection, the brand of the Colruyt Group, offers from 2 October as the first quinoa that are cultivated by Belgian farmers.

The South American plant was so crossed that there will be races were formed which can grow in our climatic conditions. As it grows in temperatures between -4 and 35 C°. Moreover, the quinoa just a little fertilizer and water and grows even on saline soils. This can be planted in different contexts, what this crop is resistant to the adverse effects of climate change.

‘Food of the future’

Because it’s a different breed, the Belgian quinoa slightly differ from what a seasoned eaters just are: like other European varieties will the Boni-quinoa slightly less bitter taste. That’s because around the quinoakorrels no bitter coating of saponin.

Quinoa can be used as an alternative for rice, couscous, pasta or potatoes. It is both hot and cold tasty and easy to combine with different flavors.

Target price: 4,29 euro / 500 g

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