Belgian prime minister Michel offers resignation of government

Charles Michel, the prime minister of Belgium, is Tuesday night the resignation of his government to the king offering. Michel took the decision after the opposition announced a motion of censure.

The government-Michel hung for a while on a silk thread, because of the migratiepact of Marrakesh. It shows how migration within the United Nations, in a safe way. The liberal parties MR and Open Vld and the Flemish christelijken CD&V supported Michel. Profile) N-VA had objections against that pact, but nevertheless, the premier good.

As a result, the N-VA ministers walked out and the minority government is still a week ruled. Michel was looking after support with left-wing parties, but found that ultimately.

“I’ve had the chance to put my beliefs to explain and I need an honest call for cooperation”, said the premier during his afscheidswoorden. “But my call has not convinced. I have to respect and take note”, reports the Flemish newspaper het laatste Nieuws.

It was with applause responded.


Premier Michel announces retirement in Belgian parliament

King holds dismissal in consideration

King Filip loves the dismissal in consideration. “Prime minister Charles Michel was received in audience in the Castle of Laeken to the resignation of the government to offer”, reports the palace. “The king will keep his decision under consideration.”

This means that he will only be a few days until a decision comes. When the king resigned to accept, then it may be that the current government, the current business must treat until may. Then there are new elections.

If the resignation is accepted, it is also possible that Michel a motion to submit to the Chamber of Deputies to dissolve. Then, there must be, within forty days of election. King Filip the dismissal also refuse, then the minority continue.

In several Belgian cities over the past weeks riots, which focused on the Belgian government. The ‘Yellow Shirts’ demanded the resignation of Michel.

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