Belgian meat consumption continues to drop

The average Belgian at the past year to 28.1 kilograms of meat, versus 28.6 kilograms in 2016. So it still seems no end to the trend more and more to vary with fish, and vegetarian. This is evident from a research by GfK Belgium and ivox kadenza in command of FLAME.

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Especially fresh pork, beef and veal don’t have to as often, as is evident from the figures. In 2008 we ate there an average of 23,7 kg, compared to 18.2 kilograms last year, and 17.5 kilograms today. Poultry serve, we’ll find a less hard, because that consumption continues for ten years, relatively stable, around ten kilograms.


‘The decline in the off-trade of fresh meat comes not so much by an increase of the number of vegetarians, because 96% of the Belgians eat meat’

VLAM, the Flemish centre for agricultural and fisheries research, sees two possible explanations for the decline of our meat consumption at home. First, it gives the Belgian at increasingly outside the home to eat, and second, we exchange meat with poultry (no meat, according to FLAME), fish or vegetarian alternatives. The marketingagentschap stressed that the Belgian is his piece of meat not all the way, and that it is mainly the current flexitariërs that their meat consumption is decreasing. 96% of the Belgians eat according to the research, after all, meat, and 25 percent do that on a daily basis.

When buying meat, pay attention to the Belgians especially on the quality and shelf-life. Slightly more than half of the Belgians prefers meat with us, which is more than last year. The price is also an important keuzefactor, but not the most important. There must be sufficient quality and confidence compared to that price. In 2017 gave ten percent of the Belgians interviewed that meat is too cheap, compared to 33 percent of participants who state that meat is just too expensive.

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