Belgian IS-fighter sentenced to death in Iraq

A Belgian is Monday in Iraq sentenced to death because of his involvement in Islamic State (IS), reports Reuters news agency. The 23-year-old man is himself of the opinion that a Belgian judge would have to stand in place of an Iraqi.

As the Iraqi antiterrorismewet determines, Bilal Al Marchohi from Antwerp, to be hung up. He is one of dozens of non-Iraqi citizens sentenced to death by his ties to the terrorist organization. When the punishment is carried out, is still unclear.

The court in Iraq had during the process footage to see that would prove that All Marchohi is a member of. On the images he would carry arms and a hand gesture that is associated with the terrorist organization.

The man denied the allegations repeatedly. He says that he was never part of. “I am a Belgian citizen. I would not be in Iraq condemned.”

However, All Marchohi himself a year and a half ago about the Syrian Kurds, with the reconquest of the city of Raqqa. He was taken by the American troops captured and extradited to Iraq.

All Marchouhi is married with a Dutch woman from Gouda

What exactly is with his Dutch wife Ilham Borjani from the city of Gouda and their children is done, is unclear. In 2018 waited they are still in an Iraqi refugee camp on permission to return home, reports Trouw.

All Marchohi is the second Belgian in Iraq has been condemned to death for his role in. Tarik Jadaoun, a high-ranked member of IS, was in 2018, tried in Iraq. Jadaoun was often to be seen in propagandavideo’s, which he, with terrorist attacks on European soil are threatened.

The Belgian minister of Foreign Affairs says no authority to intervene in the judgment of the court, but let the Iraqi government know strictly against the death penalty.

All Marchohi’s family in Antwerp did not want to respond to the ruling.

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