Belgian blue on the way to recognition as a protected geographical indication

On the eve of the opening of the agricultural fair of Libramont, the Walloon minister of Agriculture René Collin submitted an application to the Belgian blue-beef to recognise as a protected geographical indication (PGI).


The protected geographical indication will apply to the whole of Belgium, and thus not only on a limited part of the territory. Of the 1.2 million cattle in Wallonia is 84 percent of the blue race, as appears from the figures of the government of Collin. The recognition of PGI will imply that the meat must come from an animal born, reared, slaughtered and cut in Belgium. The animal must also be pure and should contain only local food.

The file is by the three regions of the country joint. The decision should therefore also Flanders and Brussels will be signed, before it is transferred to the European authorities. It is hoped that the recognition is there, next year will come.

Some other Belgian products that have the same recognition and protection are, for example, herve cheese appears to go, gin and Vlaams-Brabantse tafeldruif. Well-known European examples include balsamic vinegar from Modena, gorgonzola and feta.

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