Belgian beer culture is officially a world heritage site: 5 gems you should know

You would be the Antwerp-North, perhaps not immediately, but the less well-known neighborhood houses an absolute gem for fans of the brew. Beerlovers Bar-owner Ben Floren brings in honor of the Proud of Our Beer-feast an ode to (less well known) Belgian beers.

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Right next to the Permeke library in The Conickplein in Antwerp is the Beerlovers Bar, a craft beer bar with a consistently less than twelve beers from all over the world on tap. The fixed map is reserved for an eighty Belgian beers. The bar is not yet open, but stands in the world ranking of best beer bar on already in place, 146: no better speaker for the as yet unknown beers so than manager Ben Floren.

Because representatives of UNESCO on 19 may the certificate issue that our Belgian beer culture echtig and techtig was classified as an intangible cultural world heritage site, was the day proclaimed to be Proud of Our Beer-holiday. So it’s time to what is unknown full beauty of it shine. “I have a number of favorietjes that isn’t super known, but super nice,” said Ben Floren. “All of these beers jump out for me by their taste and their balance sheet. You can almost taste it really the purity of the beer.”

Cuvée Delphine (The Sturdy Brewers)

“Cuvée Delphine is an imperial stout at 13% more than a year has been aged for at druivenvaten. I am quite a fan of imperial stout: thick chocolate – and koffiesmaken with whiffs of vanilla this… If that perfect balance is, you have a really fantastic beer. And that is absolutely the case.”

Women Diver (Brewery Hedonis)

“A lot of people find pale ale no sexy bierstijl, but in the bierwereldje is still top. In Women Diver were American hops used to make fruity flavors to get. This is truly a sublime and made beer: there is not to much carbonation, you have to have fruity notes, it is nicely balanced and not too extreme,… And again, super friendly Ghent guests that the brewing. This beer in my bar is a fixed place on the map earned.”

Old Gueuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston (Three Fountains)

With lambieken from 2013, 2014 and 2015 made Three Fountains this Old Gueuze Cuvée Armand & gaston. That resulted in an authentic beer, spontaneously, and somewhat stubborn, full of character.

Brussels Calling (Brasserie de la Senne)

“The beers of Brasserie de la Senne, see you in Brussels, already pretty much, but not yet in Antwerp. We have in Beerlovers often seven or eight beers from them and those are all very, very well. That brewery remains far away from extreme flavors and is always looking for a smart balance. They have everything: a low-alcoholic beer that has some bitterness and hoppiger, a blonde beer such as Zinnebir, a Brussels ‘ people ale as they call it: super refreshing, tasty, and the day after, and you will have no problems if you drink too much of. Their beers are very very beautiful together.”

Guldenberg (Brewery De Ranke)

“I’m not really a beer drinker, but the Can of Brewery De Ranke: that all Belgians know. I let my bar often sample to customers and they are always with me. Soft, light creamy, not too sweet, not too much carbonation, not too bananig – many tripels have a sort of banana -,… Quite well in all areas.”

Beerlovers Bar

Rotterdamstraat 105, Antwerp

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