Belgian beachgoers are not particularly romantic

From the annual Flip Flop report by Expedia shows that Belgian tourists is not the most romantic. They are going to the least looking for a vakantieliefde, are not interested in meeting singles and flirt not like to be with other vacationers.

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Only five percent of Belgians say that they are on a beach holiday like a vakantieliefde meet. This will be the Belgians of all countries, to love the least play a role in their choice for a beach holiday.

Swimming in the nude

Also if the beach destination is reached, they will not easily adventure. Together with the Japanese (96 percent) and New Zealanders (89%) Belgian beach goers (88 percent) are least like to be swimming in the nude. Also sex on the beach, but for ten percent of the Belgian respondents an option: once again, one of the lowest percentages in the world. Brazilians (29 percent) and Americans (27 percent) lead the list here.


The belgians, however, love people watching (29 percent), reading (44 percent), and admire the sunset (42 percent). Rene Nieuwmans from Expedia about the results: “it is Clear that the Belgians like the search of peace and quiet during their holiday. The main consideration before a beach holiday is booked, is the weather. In addition, the testimony of the minimal preparation of a relaxed attitude of the beach holiday: Belgian men and women spend the least time working on a ‘beach-ready’ body. We saw in the results that the Belgian respondents were not in great numbers in the nightlife, scuba diving, and after France, the least alcohol issue.”


The rest where Belgian tourists are looking for on the beach is often disrupted. In the Flip Flop report also the biggest nuisances on the beach at the light. More than 80 percent of the Belgian respondents are irritated the most to tourists who leave trash. Also loud music and people with sand throwing find Belgians annoying.

About the survey

The survey is conducted under 15.363 respondents with an age of 18+, in 17 countries (the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, India and Thailand).

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