Behavior autistic children improves after interaction with parents’

Behavior autistic children improves after interaction with parents’

When parents are trained to better communicate with their child and help them to learn to understand, improves the behavior of autistic children.

This is evident from a study that Tuesday is published in The Lancet Journal. Six years after the parents were trained to help their child to understand better, it turned out that this therapy is the behavior of the children who has severe autism and/or are not able to speak or respond improved.

In the study, 152 children between the ages of two and four involved. The families of the children visited for six months, twice a week a clinic. Here were videos recorded of parents with their children and toys to play. It was found that children with their parents to communicate, through them, for example toys to offer.

Then became the therapy again six months continued, but on a less intensive way. After six years was 63% of the control group is severely autistic compared to 46% of the intervention group.


After six years was the communication with parents improved. In addition, said the parents that the behaviour of the children related to other children had improved in the area of social communication and behavior. There was no change to see the area of depression and anxiety. In addition the children would have a lot of support need to have while growing up.

The researchers want to make clear that this is no solution for autism, but that this outcome has potential. It can lead to long-term improvement.

More than 1 percent of the Dutch, about 190,000 people, has a form of autism.

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