Beautyvlogger Mascha Feoktistova wants to be rid of the stigma about the influences

Mascha Feoktistova wrote with her manager, Max de Vries is a book about the influences and the marketing around it is. Also, the stigma that has been created, it is an important issue, because it is a couple of extreme examples, according to her, the idea of the influencer.

“In the opinion of influencers are hung up on the outliers in the industry, such as those on the trains, jump off, and break in to Area 51. We are not all so, as not every influencer will do crazy, but we have to be in one booth and stopped,” said the 33-year-old vlogger, and YouTuber, in a conversation with about her book: You’re doing it for free?.

Feoktistova, started in 2007, with the video, and since then has developed a loyal group of followers gathered around them. On YouTube, she has, in her Beautygloss-channel is more than 637.000 followers. On her YouTube channel for personal vlogs, she has over 300,000 followers, and Instagram are more than 580.000 people.

In her work as an influencer, companies that want to work together with the Feoktistova sometimes have the wrong expectations. The most popular of which are: that they are the products of free activities.

“And that’s something I don’t. With this book, hope, Max, and I have to make it clear that it will work as a vlogger, YouTuber, or influencer is also an incredible amount of time, and we want to be in the industry with little return on investment. The few times I have been asked to make a video from scratch and not a single hand count. People seem to forget that I also have a business to run and people to employ, and, therefore, have to pay for anything again.”

A Fan of the term “influencer” is Feoktistova not really as there are so many stigma’s that have it, according to her. The idea was, therefore, first of all, the term is not used in the book. “It turned out to be impossible, no one knows what we are talking about when we are online content contributors” or something like that to be. Wouldn’t it be nice if we have something to remember and to re-start it, but I think that’s the term, isn’t really too well established to now, is still to come.”

‘The transparency of arrangements it is important

The vlogger is that her co-workers when they need to take responsibility and be open and honest about the alliances and the deals that they close.

“I have noticed that my followers, just for me to know when I have something to gift you, or a deal that I closed, and when it is not. That is, transparency, is very, very important. Colleagues who are not transparent about it, to ruin it for others.”

Feoktistova, “If you are not being honest about having to deal with a brand or a company, you can make sure that your followers will not be able to rely on, what you’re saying and in the end that’s detrimental to your personal brand. Max and I just hope to make it clear to any potential influencers here. of the reason that it is easy to see in which of the deals I’ve made, and how much money they will earn. Be Open and honest is the key.”

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